Some discussion this last weekend about losing pins. SO. If you have lots of fabulous enamel pins, and/or worry about losing particularly important ones (like, say, Hugo rockets), consider getting some locking pin backs. Links ahead.

NOTE: I do not endorse any of the sellers I'm linking to, they were just the first ones to come up when I searched Etsy for "locking pin backs." You can find these other places, check google. Anyway. There are two kinds that I know of.


One snaps on to the pin like a regular one would, and you have to pull a little thing at the back to release it. Like these:

I've put these on the back of all my finalist pins, both Nebula and Hugo. They seem very secure.

Another sort you use an allen wrench to tighten onto the pin stem.

You might be able to find either or both of these in a regular craft store as well, though the ones near me only have the usual kind.

Just some info in case you're a pin person or have important pins and find the regular clutchbacks to be less secure than you'd like.

@ann_leckie nice. i wish i'd seen these links a bit ago, in time to order some before upcoming festivals. i have pins i never wear because the standard mechanism fails me every single time.

@ann_leckie Thank you! The professional society I belong to is big on pins, and we get nervous about wearing the rarer ones because the backs are terrible and pop off with a stiff breeze. This helps!

@ann_leckie this is fantastic, it never occurred to me to look for something like this. Thanks!

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