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Daniel Andrlik @andrlik@wandering.shop

Whelp, upgraded Funtoo server to 1.2 without any headaches. That’s a pleasant surprise.

Now, for a game I play far too often: stay awake during your layover after an overnight flight.

Three hours at the Frankfurt airport. Yay?

I don't think abbreviating CWs is a good idea. We may get what they mean in our existing community, but the shorthand isn't immediately obvious to newcomers. And, gosh, I'd love newcomers to really feel welcomed by and embrace CW culture.

spaghetti code: unstructured, monolithic

lasagna code: stacks with unintentionally repeated functionality

ravioli code: small, self-contained modules

rotini code: huge dependency trees

farfalle code: nice syntax & layout but hard to use

Ah yes, nothing like the feeling of that last minute tax filing.

And as always, bug reports, suggestions, and PR are always welcome.

For those of you interested in Riot.im and Matrix.org (federated chat rooms), but were intimidated by the server installation instructions, I made a thing for you over the weekend. It's a repo you can clone and configure to deploy via Nanobox to any cloud provider.


I still need to test whether the VOIP and what-not works correctly, but as far as chatting, federation, and bridging to other networks like Slack, etc. it's working.

I must give great thanks and burnt offerings to Dash, which makes my life easier every day.


We watched the first episode of the new Lost in Space last night. How did Netflix take such such a cheesy old property and make it so compelling? We were hooked.


Full-stack developer, been working with the web since the 90s. #HTML, #CSS, #Javascript, #Python, #PHP, enough #Ruby and #Node to get myself into trouble. #LAMP is fine but other stacks are fine too; I'm a quick learner.

Any position is okay; I've been out of the office for a while and I''d be happy doing just about anything as long as the income is stable.

Formal resume: github.com/joyeusenoelle/Resum

Please boost and share freely!

RT @ProtonMail@twitter.com: Privacy cannot exist without free/open software. This is why ProtonMail is Open Source! bit.ly/1hL77cJ

Netflix knows the truth. 😳

I got tired of remembering the cli magic tricks for getting pipenv packages into requirements.txt so I wrote this. gist.github.com/andrlik/ab163a