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Daniel Andrlik @andrlik@wandering.shop

Go away, Hooman. This is cat time.

So yes, I'm one of *those* people that actually bought a HomePod. Siri isn't as versatile as a voice assistant as Alexa, but I was mostly interested in good sound with some voice activated convenience features and iCloud integrations.

And in those areas, the device really delivers. Quite happy with it. Outstanding sound, and the mic picks up new instructions even with the music blaring.

Food court fountains at the King of Prussia mall.

me, whenever someone I haven't spoken to in ages gets in touch out of the blue: this is utterly delightful, and I wish this sort of thing happened more!

me, whenever I'm thinking about talking to someone I haven't spoken to in ages: they don't remember me, they would hate me if they remembered me, this intrusion into their lives would definitely be unwelcome

Me, at 16: Please accept this bespoke, artisan-crafted online persona designed to provide you with exactly the person you would want to interact with.

Me, at 29: Please accept this pile of garbage formed into an approximately-humanoid shape.

So I’ve been playing HQ on and off over the last week. I haven’t won yet, but I still enjoy the game. But dear lord, the chat room is non-sensical and toxic. It’s moderated but moves WAY too fast for that to matter.

Just swipe it to the side and pretend it doesn’t exist. You’ll enjoy yourself more.

Morning, shop. It’s Saturday and I’ve been up with the little one for a couple hours. She has woken with even more energy than usual.


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5 our of 5 stars to the Geek Feminist Revolution by @KameronHurley. Powerful essays about professional writing, feminism, and genre as a whole.

Good and short read.
The #1 reason Facebook won’t ever change – Om Malik

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One weird thing about wearing my Apple Watch is how much more aware I’ve become of the physical effects of stress. When your watch sends you an alert that your heart rate is cresting over 120 while you sit and answer emails or work on a presentation, it’s rather eye-opening.

I’m trying to figure out what the percentage is of movies/shows with a Muslim terrorist plot versus the number of real terrorist attacks by people with an Islamic background and then compare that to the percentage of movies/shows with a white American terrorism plot versus the number of real life white American terrorism attacks.

Didn’t get this short story done by the deadline for submissions for the themed issue I intended it for, but that’s okay. This one has gone in an unexpected direction and I want to take my time to get it right.