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Daniel Andrlik @andrlik@wandering.shop

in the future, parents will talk to their kids about addictive video games the same way ours talked to us about drugs

That "git blame" is called that instead of "git credit" or the like is an example of needed emotional labor not being performed in tech.

One doesn't "blame" their teammates for the code that works, which usually constitutes the bulk of a code base.

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My Invisible Sun redemption email came! Placed my order and am in the shipping queue.


I wish discord didn’t put every user in every public channel for a given server. Opt-in would be better than having to go through and mute all the channels that you’re not interested in reading.

I don’t know anything about this book and I don’t need to. It is perfect just as it is.

New study that suggests that at least in terms of a person’s primary job/income source the gig economy is not reshaping employment. nyti.ms/2M4NJaG?smid=nytcore-i

That’s not too surprising given lack of benefits and low pay, but I’d like to see more data on to what degree the need of a side job has increased (which anecdotally seems to be the case) during the same time period.

I have found it much easier to teach decent people how to do things than to try to get shitty people who know how to do things to be decent.

The "rich people reinventing basic public services" genre gets less funny when you realize they mean privately-run versions that can exclude undesirables.

In the meantime people lost their minds about GitHub acquisition. Even if MS ends up turning it to another CodePlex, it's unrealistic to 1) expect it will happen next week 2) organizations with multiple repositories will switch to GitLab overnight 3) think moving to gitlab.com actually helps decentralization.

Find your towel and don't panic. There are things to do but running around frantically is not one.