is the queen's coffin going through the suez canal by any chance

Mental health 

Today my therapist suggested to me that I “broaden my definition of hope” and honestly it sent me reeling.

I think in a good way, but I’m still processing.

Has anyone, outside of techworkers, gotten a job via linkedin? I loathe it but I keep an acct there "to find jobs" even though its never actually led to any of my jobs.

TFW you forget to do your therapy homework and so you decide to see how much introspection you cram into the panicked hour before your appointment.

TFW you’re planning a campaign and you review your world building notes: “Huh, I’m really working through some personal issues here, aren’t I?”

Our latest episode, "Crafts and Clues" is now available! The party splits to pursue their goals in the City of Echoes.

Made a rules error in today’s episode of the podcast. Screenshot of explanation obscured for spoilers.

TFW you’re ostensibly auditioning music for a podcast episode and you realize you’ve just been vibing with it for ten minutes.

TFW an opportunity to do a creative project appears while you’re simultaneously in a job search. Sometimes saying “no” hurts.

The amount of posts on LinkedIn that are equally boring and earnest is something I find incredibly depressing.

Running RPG one-shots to set up a terrible joke at the end is my love language.

Our latest episode, "Have ChaCha, Will Travel" is now available! In the midst of despair, the crew finds clues to a hopeful plan.

Them: which of your favorite authors would you most like to meet?

Me (a ball of roiling social anxiety): Oof. That sounds like a bad time for both of us.

Long wait at the lab for scheduled blood work. The paperwork they give you has the EDI X12 version of the lab order printed on it. I was bored so I parsed it. Old habits die hard, I guess.

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