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Daniel Andrlik @andrlik@wandering.shop

In a hotel bar the day before a gaming convention looking around at the other suit-wearing patrons thinking, “What up, normies? You have no idea what’s coming.”

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Engaging in one of my most hated housework tasks: shredding.

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Yeah, the urge is upon me. Brainstorming ideas for a Numenera campaign.

Chair dancing to Ladytron while I sit at the sound of two Xenonorphs fighting each other.

Today’s breakfast conversation with my 5yo daughter is bouncing between the characteristics of the planet Venus and various dinosaurs. As you do.

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The Man Behind the Counter would like to remind you all that The Wandering Shop has a Code of Conduct, which has been, is, and will be enforced:


When asked what happens if someone doesn't want to follow the Code of Conduct, he glances meaningfully at the door.

Umm... I think Litsy is threatening me.

My daughter just lost her first tooth, and now this hauntingly beautiful book is turning through my mind again.

The Tooth Fairy by Graham Joyce

The minotaur seizes your old cloak of despair and limps into the distance.

Installed a propane mosquito trap in the yard because I’ve had it with them. Blood sucking bitches are gonna die.

[relatable content for good children june 30 2018 early edition]

A SLOVENLY CHILD: oh boy, that was a good meal, time to go outside and play, abandoning my dishes on the table and not washing my hands!

YOU (A GOOD CHILD): anything I've touched must be cleansed with fire lest it fall into the hands of my enemies, who can fashion a totem from any crumb that touched my lips and bend the universe against me through the connection I once had with it... I must move through this world without a trace

There go all my looting plans for this myself.