Tell me you don’t have reading comprehension skills without saying it.

Moved one of my Heroku projects over to, and it seems pretty nice thus far. Most of the work was switching from Heroku build packs to Docker.

Now available! :mastodon:

My in-depth comparative review of eight Mastodon apps for iPhone

Please boost (or share on Twitter) 🙏

I really want to run another Invisible Sun campaign at some point. Maybe when one of other long term campaigns wraps up.

Mental health (-) adhd 

Having a super frustrating week with my that makes it really hard to focus on reading. And I’m in the middle of a book I’m loving! Just can’t concentrate on the text when I open it.

boy are u a carbon offset because you seemed like a good idea until I heard more about you

I wanna join a 5e group again. If anyone runs a group that puts fun over specific rules and is looking for a new player lmk. In-person or virtual. I can also run occasional one-shots to give the DM a break, but I don't have the discipline to DM regularly.

Someone said that @pixelfed isn't capable of allowing the general public to see the images on your instance. That seemed implausible at best. A configuration choice surely, but then i went looking and i see no evidence of public viewing of images. No way to get a feel for what a server's content is before you ask to join. No easy sharing outside of ActivityPub.

Just... what?! How?! Surely I'm wrong.... Right?

The phone scammer asked how he could help me and I said I just wanted to talk, and he hung up on me. Rude!

Our latest episode, “Dili’s Decision” is now available! With Aria imprisoned, the crew seeks deeper insight into the Knyxos and Nix's strange companion.

This is a good reminder that I still have a few projects it would be wise for me to move off of Heroku. Especially given the broader background on the future of the platform.

Giving myself +1 producer point for getting this week’s horror outros written BEFORE recording day.

Even after two years of editing the podcast, I still get surprised by how deep my voice is on the recording.

Sometimes, I am OK at GMing. Feeling pretty good this morning. 😄

This week’s episode, “Testimony” is now available! Dili and Nix meet with the Proctors and ChaCha does some creative problem solving.

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