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Who else is furious that these insurrectionists are being let go into the wild like a pesky raccoon or something, so they can go and continue their insurrecting elsewhere?

Remember, folks: awful people are inevitably also awful to each other.

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The splintering of the GOP into the true believers vs. the opportunists is delightful.

And here I’m all out of popcorn!

Notice how the other part of that is hospital capacity percentage

Guess what one statistic is really hard to get live numbers for?

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lolol remember back when @NYGovCuomo told us a 3% positivity rate was cause for alarm

You know, like two weeks ago

I’m seeing a lot of weird punditry over how we’re failing to do mass vaccination right now

But... there literally isn’t enough vaccine in the world to do so yet?

omfg you guys in three weeks we’re gonna have a GOVERNMENT again, chock full of people who care about doing their jobs!!!!!

Wait why is JLo dressed up as the ball is she going to drop at midnight what is happening

It’s really uncanny seeing the ball drop on empty streets for the New Year

This is the work we’re doing to make a better tomorrow for everyone; next year in Times Square, friends!

PSA: Martin Freeman and Morgan Freeman are super duper not the same guy

I finally stuck my new car registration on the windshield! Five months after I got it!

(The state keeps pushing back enforcing it so there’s been no hurry)

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I got my smart home devices back on my wifi after a network change!!! WOOOO!!!

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Who else has “get vaccinated” as one of their 2021 goals

I mean those are just examples, you do your own things you’ve been putting off

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Let’s leave 2020 on a high note


Too late to write a novel or lose 10 pounds BUT we can still rack up 2020 wins. Do the thing you’ve been putting off:

• Change a lightbulb
• Have that hard talk
• Clean the freezer


I keep meaning to write my 2020 in review post, and... yeah.

It wasn’t even a bad year for me personally!

I am reading World Without End, set in the mid-1300s

I was not expecting it to be so, um, contemporary and topical when the plague shows up

I just heard of Lil Nas X for the first time since I am old and uncool and all I can think is that stage name sounds like a sinus medication for kids

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