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I’m not going to tell you what that looks like for you, because you KNOW what good you can do that you’re not already.

Big things and small, money or time or care. Figure out what and how.

But look, if it’s too demoralizing right now to keep fighting and losing, there’s another front besides politics.

You can work to prevent harm... but you can also work to create good.

I get it, it’s dark times, and even I keep thinking “everything is terrible forever.”

It might even be the case that we won’t live to see things get better. Truly.

It’s still our moral duty to protect the good and just to the extent that we can.

We did not get the Civil Rights Act in a climate more favorable to it.

We did not get emancipation in a climate more favorable to it.

Other people have worked harder than us, under worse circumstances, and prevailed.

AS YOU KNOW I’m an unrepentant optimist. That doesn’t mean I think that we’re always going to win!

It means I’m always on the lookout for another chance, and the next, and the next, because nothing is ever over unless you give up.

In Jewish belief, despair is a sin. As I read this, it doesn’t mean you can’t feel real bad. It means that you can’t use how you feel as an excuse to stop doing what you know is right.

So I, like lots of other people, have been pretty low the last... well, let’s not count, but the last week or two haven’t been *better.*

Let’s talk about that a little bit.

Point of order: no, they must raise taxes on the wealthy. The problem is the tax cut.
"Republicans must cut spending now"

Does anybody have any great tips on managing anxiety

Asking for literally every woman I know

Feeling itchy, I haven’t made a proper immersive/interactive project in much too long. MUCH too long!

Once I finish Politics Novel, is there something you’d like to see from me?

...Then join in the fight that will give you the right to be free
Barricades have been erected around the Capitol ahead of the Kavanaugh vote. Have been here 12 years and have never seen this for a vote.

I genuinely believe this could be a stunning film
Capcom Finalizes Deal to Turn ‘Mega Man’ Into Live-Action Film

Dear Autocarrot:

No really, sometimes I do mean “swung” and not “swing.”

Love, Me

It’s weird for a 250-year-old work to be SO topical. Besides the casual racism, JSM literally lays out the argument for “let the Nazis speak so we can talk it out and find the truth.”

John Stuart Mill: Nobody should be compelled to do or not do something, if the only harm goes to themself
Me: Go on, I’m listening
JSM: Obvs I don’t mean children or “backwards races” lololol
Me: 😱

I’ll be reading from [UNANNOUNCED SECRET PROJECT]! :D
On November 13th, I will be reading from BORN TO THE BLADE as part of a @serialboxpub-themed @NYRSF event, along with @sl_huang @andrhia @ecmyers and others!

Honestly I’ve never felt so SEEN by a brand promotion before in my life
Calling all MORNING WARRIORS! We teamed w/ @dunkindonuts to give you THE morning life hack: a year’s supply of coffee & dry shampoo! To enter share a pic of why you run on coffee & dry shampoo w/ and . Rules:

Do you suppose doing aikido with Apple Watch Fall Detection™ is like cooking with an overly enthusiastic smoke detector

All it costs is your democracy.
We can't believe this website is free

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