I’m reading up on the Disney Wish debut and giggling about how linens with Mickey embroidered on them are purportedly “telling a story”

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I guess when a lot of marketing and experience design folks say “tell a story” what they mean is “create an emotional reality”

This would be a great time for Rebecca Black to drop a new single

I just want to point out that the result here is pretty evenly split between people who did not know this was a problem, and people who have to call back around twice
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On average, how many times do you have to call back to hear what number you’re supposed to dial?


On average, how many times do you have to call back to hear what number you’re supposed to dial?

These are the lies of capitalism. YES, our poems and portraits and sweaters are priceless, but not because of their value to a customer. Because of the emotional fabric they exist in

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One of the many dark consequences of our push to monetizing-your-hobbies is a devaluing of dedicated work and talent

As if anyone with a keyboard/camera/knitting needles/chocolate mold could and should be doing professional-grade work >_>

I have a 12-page outline and I wrote about a thousand words today and I guess... I guess I’m writing a new book, then

Imagine if Elon Musk paid all of his employees enough that they could afford a Tesla, all Henry Ford-like

TIL there is a conspiracy theory that the person who shot Malala Yousafzai was Robert DeNiro in disguise, working on behalf of the CIA

I don’t mean to body shame the mockingbird but how is this “slender”?!

Just sent a fax from my phone which feels simultaneously magic/high tech and wildly retrograde

Hey does anyone wanna read a book in which a company that is, legally speaking, 100% not Coca-Cola influences politics? >_> amzn.to/3sYkc7E

Last week I explained my job to someone and at the end they said "that makes perfect sense" and now it's all I can think about

Formerly known as Alternis — just as fun under any name, though 😘
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What happens when a game designer is trapped inside her own game stolen as part of a top secret project to keep the world from plunging into war? So much!🎮

New episodes every Thursday.

Listen to starring Firefly's Summer Glau now.


It's been the joke here in metro NYC for weeks that if you want a vaccine, just go to SUNY Potsdam, where there are ALWAYS appointments!

It's a six-hour drive.

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Look at these assholes acting like Potsdam getting 3X more vaccine than it needed was moxie, and not a state-level planning fuckup

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