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Andrea Phillips

It is so charming how among a large enough group of seventh grade boys, some could go all 21 Jump Street back to the 3rd grade and some could convincingly impersonate middle managers

I want a new PS4 game franchise to come out that I love as much as Dragon Age or HZD

@andrhia I read in Vanity Fair once that his wife Marilyn was the real VP. Her office was bigger and everything he wrote or decided had to be checked by her before it was released or acted on.

I wish for scientists to discover that buffalo sauce is super duper healthy for you

I wish for parasols to be the hot new accessory (so I'm finally not a weirdo for using one around town)

OMG and I want MANDARINQUATS to be everywhere or at least somewhere so I can eat them again those things are TASTY

I want the new food fashion to be fancy-ass gelatin molds with crushed pineapple and maraschino cherries in them

Also I want flares and chunky shoes to come all the way back in style, fight me

Here's my first one: I want MC Hammer to become famous again

Coming toward the end of the year, solLet's start collecting a list of things we want to see happen next year:

Please no politics or violence on anyone, let's keep it light 😇

To this day, I think about Dan Quayle every time I write the word "potato"

Ah, to be in a more innocent age when you might name as your person of the year a woman who had a real fancy wedding
Time will announce "Person of the Year" tomorrow. Here's the shortlist:

Gooooood morning! I’m super close to finishing writing a book and I... I think I’ve run out of procrastination techniques...

Dang I just spent like fifteen minutes trying to come up with Nazi-Gaston verses to go with my MRA Gastons but it’s all too dark to post

The thing I love about Chanukah is it’s basically all about trying to do the right thing even when you know it’s p. much hopeless

Hey what’s the policy for when you get to the cinema and it’s been evacuated for a fire alarm >_>

That rare clickbait where the details in the story are even better than the headline
Suspect turns himself in to police after debating it with them on Facebook

I got a yoga ball as a chair for my office and now I can BOUNCE this is everything I never knew I wanted

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is my birthday in a month or two years

Try this with predictive text: Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is...

As usual, mine doesn't make any sense, so I'll just enjoy your answers 😉