Basically I wished someone had written up a piece like this so I could make an informed decision ahead of time. So I wrote one for YOU!

@andrhia I love love love my iPad Pro for my work stuff. Being able to drag and drop images into other apps in split screen mode is awesome.

Thought you might like to know that Tootdon (for Mastodon) works in landscape mode. I like it a lot better than Amaroq in general.

@andrhia good rundown of the pluses/minuses. I have a pushme/pullyou relationship with my laptop and ipad, and really wish I could get to a point where I pick up the thing I want without thinking about it.

@pericat I never had an iPad of my own before! I had a seven-inch Android tablet for a while, but it was very obviously not suitable for doing anything but reading and games. :)

@andrhia I was thinking of ditching the keyboard I have for it in favour of the smart keyboard, after reading your experience. (Current kb is part of a hardcover shell thing, that I find I do not like using.) Then I remember I have no spare money, and also I do have a laptop. :) It's a juggling act, in a way.

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