So my grocery store has deployed a robot that looks for spills in the aisles

The only thing that keeps it from being hella creepy is the most genius deployment of googly eyes of all time

@andrhia wtf? They named it Marty? That's somehow more creepy than the robot itself...


nobody puts Baby in the corner, but apparently that's just fine for Old Glory

@andrhia Five bucks says its real function is to spy on employees, with reporting spills just being the excuse for it. Now THAT would be creepy.

@andrhia @LilFluff i don't really like how the company is constantly outright lying about why these exist???

@andrhia they have this at my grocery store too. There are 2 forward facing cameras on it. I think.its use to track where people go because when it detects a pill it doesnt do anything but page someone. It does laps around the beer and veggie isles and seems to follow old people

@andrhia Whoah, still creepy! 😲If that snuck up on me while buying produce or would silently glide across the aisle openings, it has all the key visuals of any recent war of the worlds adaptation. Did it seriously need to be that tall?!?

@andrhia That thing would totally have this Maximillian vibe if not for the googly eyes

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