There’s a whole genre of Reddit posts where teens ask how to get vaccinated without their parents consenting.

Just. Just so you know, that’s a thing.

There are resources on how to get vaccinated without your parents agreeing here:

Unfortunately the law varies state by state (not to mention country by country) so there’s not One Weird Trick :/

@andrhia 1) That's awful, poor kids.

2) I'm now imagining a Vaccinepunk or vaccine heist YA novel, but honestly it's just too sad.

@andrhia If #vaccines cause #autism, then why are so few properly vaccinated people autistic?
@andrhia If #vaccines cause #autism, then why are so few properly vaccinated people autistic?

I think it's great that they are smarter than their parents on this.

@andrhia vaccinations should be free. If you ask me medical help should be free in general.

@andrhia this is why minors need to be able to consent for medical care without their parent's consent at a young age. see also trans teens and HRT. perhaps for some illnesses there's no minimum medical consent age, for other's it's like age 12 or something like that

@andrhia I took a quick look and saw at least three of such posts. It's horrible.


in England and Wales anyone over 16 who has mental capacity (understands the basics of what the treatment is) consent to it and even younger children can do so without parental approval in emergency situations.. (Scotland and NI have slightly different laws although its likely vaccinations are available everywhere, the health authorities here encourage it)

@andrhia I wish there was a way to mass DM them the following message:

You deserve praise for taking your health in to your own hands. It’s your body and I am personally so *proud* of you for wanting to take responsibility. Your parents may not understand how important this is, and may not understand how smart and responsible you are, but that is their problem. Never give up. 👍🏻 apparently there's a threat of a new measles outbreak still going on, rising counts. most counties with any infections have the lowest vaccination rates. saw an interview with a young man that was doing what you mentioned, but after growing up and realizing the error of logic/reason/education in his parents.

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