The incompetence of Trump and his cadre is proof of the effectiveness of patriarchy, white supremacy, and wealth inequality.

These jokers are so inept! So clueless! But they succeed anyway because of the towering edifice of privilege that protects and elevates them.

The problem with ‘move fast and break stuff’ is it assumes what you’re working on isn’t actually important or necessary to anybody

The Star Wars Christmas Special is not available on Disney Plus, I want my money back

This morning I dropped a bottle of coffee while shaking it and the neck came clean off, resulting in COFFEESPLOSION

The rest of today has to be better, right?


Why does Low Data Mode keep turning on for my home wifi network and is there any way to make it stop permanently srsly this is obnoxious

Love, Me

Regrettable lines I have written but love hopelessly even though I know they’ll have to go in edits, today’s version:

He gave her a genuine hug, not a one-armed bro hug.

Today at the DMV they had so many people coming in to change to a Real ID/Enhanced ID that they were printing duplicate tickets

So when it was your turn you had to explain to the other person called that they still had to wait another 90 minutes

The problem with having boiled eggs and hot sauce for breakfast is I inevitably rub my eyes shortly thereafter

He make that much in about five weeks; for comparison, I pay twelve to sixteen weeks of my income in taxes every year, and you probably do, too
Jeff Bezos would pay nearly $7 billion to Elizabeth Warren's Medicare-for-all tax

Really impressed by how committed the little girl in Hocus Pocus is to her lipstick game

As is my way, I'm declaring Nov. 1 a new New Year. (A new 5780, to be precise!)

That means tomorrow I get to celebrate two holidays at the same time! :D

Gosh, it's almost like if you train algorithms with racist data, they turn out to make racist decisions!
Frightening: "Black patients who were ranked by the algorithm as equally as in need of extra care as white patients were much sicker."

I wish meal services like and would let you pay a deposit on a reusable cooler to send food back and forth, like milk bottles in the olden times.

It would save on SO much packaging waste, and the delivery trips are already taking place, so...

The existence of billionaires is a moral atrocity.
2,000 employees fired as Adam Neumann walks away with an additional $1.7B — $850,000 per employee

Hot take: TransUnion is the worst of the three credit bureaus

For the year 5780, I want to try to do small works of tikkun olam most days. (For non-Jews, that’s the work of making the world better.)

I’m looking for ideas. What would you do?

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