I’ve been seeing a lot of media the last few years about the trauma of being raised by a mother with a mental illness, but I can’t think of any about a father. So that’s interesting.

If we had basic minimum income and national healthcare, we'd have more whistleblowers when we needed them.

Nobody should have to choose between their conscience and their livelihood. But here we are!

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These should be commonly prosecuted crimes with penalties far in excess of petty drug offenses, burglaries, or even domestic violence. These people are doing harm to THOUSANDS of people for money.

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There is no such thing as an evil corporation; there’s always an evil person or people in the corporation who do harm to the world out of self-interest:
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So, the origin of the baby formula pocalypse was Abbott management's refusal to repair dilapidated and failure-prone drying machines turning the plant into proverbial petri dishes for cronobacter, because...

They needed that $5.73 billion for stock buybacks, obvs

The right lionizes the Constitution, but that document was written by a bunch of literal revolutionaries with radical new ideas about how a government should be run.

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The problem with looking for legal precedent “deeply rooted in history” is that it assumes a past where justice is perfect. It eliminates the possibility that we can grow and change as a society into something better than before.

(It's not as good as a Constitution-level right, but we fight with the tools we have.)

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The Women's Health Protection Act would enshrine the right to abortion in Federal law. It passed the House and failed in the Senate 46-48.

Ask your congress folk to bring it back, and pass it.

Some days it's hard to think of anything to tweet because no matter what you say, there's some other important thing you probably should have said instead

Oh well, here's a cute gecko

If your religion, government, and/or relationship demand that you know nothing about alternatives, that means it sucks and you can do better 💫

Man I was all primed to go out and do so much adulting and this really knocked the wind out of my sails

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I got all gussied up to take a passport pic only to discover my passport, uh, didn’t actually expire? And won’t for years?

“Frunk” is the worst new word since “blog”

Life is just so much better since I decided I don’t need to offer the public an opinion on every damn thing

Just sayin’

I apologize in advance for inevitably calling her "Justice Ketanji Jackson Brown"

Please get your booster
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the big error I hear a lot in casual conversations about COVID is that people think once they catch the virus, they "get it over with" and idk man, it really seems like the reinfectious potential of this virus has not been communicated well to most people

So uh why don’t we redraw the lines of time zones to be diagonal like the sun goes, anyway?

I have two packages stuck at the FedEx hub in Ellenwood, GA, and after a brief Twitter search I am confident they will never arrive 😭

I don’t understand how so many car designers heard “we need another, bigger touchscreen” and decided to glue-gun an iPad to the dash and call it a day

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