Bernie is a real challenge to my ability to walk the talk but I stand by this.

None of us has to be enemies. Take note of who comes out swinging at allies, tho.
It’s a real pleasure and privilege to have so many Democratic presidential candidates who would make a terrific president.

This is an embarrassment of riches, not an invitation to draw knives.

Still in a state of disbelief that my 2nd novel THE TRUE QUEEN will finally be out on the US a mere 3 weeks from now. That's 3 weeks when you can still pre-order!

It sure is interesting how The Hill chose to assemble a photo for this piece including two men who haven’t even declared, while leaving out two women who actually have.
Trump working on possible nicknames for 2020 Dems: report

One of the characters in Romance is a Bonus Book is an editor, author, and professor but apparently spends zero time reading, writing, or grading


As a game designer you should own a minimum of the following

5 obsolete console systems
10 shirts for companies that don’t exist anymore
3 wrist braces
25 loose ethernet/USB cables

Preferably more

Millennials are killing it now haha
Has anyone tried using predictive whatever it’s called to find out what Millennials are killing? Like: Millennials are killing _________. I feel like that is what journalists are doing.

And for extra bonus points sent a group with highly peanut-allergic kids to a Tim Horton‘s for breakfast... with all its peanutty donuts, cookies, etc. Such in loco parentis, huh?

Y’all, never send your kids on an trip. My kid’s bus had mechanical trouble and there’s no contingency plan?!?

They’ve lost half the trip to Montreal waiting for nonexistent transport and it’s unclear how they’ll get HOME again!

my name is Andrea
i was born to a great time
my age is so bad omg
i like to be the best friend of the world
my name is Eve
I was born in the UK
my age is a bit more than I expected
I like to see whales

(im crying wow)

Listen y’all know I love Nike but I’m struggling to think of features for my shoes that could be updated with software
Behold Nike's Adapt BB self-lacing shoe. This isn't Nike's first self-lacing shoe, but it is its first connected shoe. Because it works with an app, Nike can update the shoe's features over time—like an operating system. They go on sale tomorrow for $350

The people have spoken!
Is Monster Mash the song that Monster Mash is about, or is Monster Mash about another, second song also called Monster Mash?

I’m enjoying how close this race is :)
Is Monster Mash the song that Monster Mash is about, or is Monster Mash about another, second song also called Monster Mash?

Is Monster Mash the song that Monster Mash is about, or is Monster Mash about another, second song also called Monster Mash?

Basically we need to allow some space for our public figures to fuck up, think about what they’ve done, and get better

I think a lot about who benefits from making me and Ilhan Omar enemies

Or making Pelosi and AOC enemies

Or shifting the focus to Warren’s heritage-or-not, from her plan to tax the everlivingfuck out of the wealthy

Ain’t the American people and the fabric of civil society, pals

I can’t absolve Warren, I’m not Native American. But I reckon there’s absolutely nothing to be gained from painting Ilhan Omar as an irredeemable enemy

In both cases, we have multiple instances where a public figure has said and done things that are flatly problematic

Buuuut they’re also both showing willingness to learn and figure how to NOT do that thing

The parallel cases of Elizabeth Warren and Ilhan Omar prove it’s well past time that the left works out when and how to forgive and move on

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