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Andrea Phillips

This is horrific and if anyone has any idea what concrete things can be done to stop it right the hell now, please speak up.
@KeeganNYC AZ ICE reports today they have "lost" 1424 immigrant kids after removing them from their parents. They have no Idea where kids ended up.

TFW there was a spider toodling around on your ceiling but you lost track of it

Our man wrote a heartfelt piece about how straight cis men can break social conditioning to write new, better scripts for behavior in a post- environment!

Doing something very slowly is nonetheless still doing that thing.

By the time you’re 35 the protective sheath on your cephalosac should be at least as hard as granite

Meh. “Write every day” and “write when you planned to, even if you don’t feel like it” are entirely different things.
Twitter has its limitations, and I sometimes speak in absolutes. To clarify, I say "write every day" when I mean "What works for me is I write almost every single day, even when I don't feel like it."

Especially true because a fair shake of what we consider “good writing” is current fashion, not objective truth. And fashion changes, my friends.
I think it's important to challenge all pieces of "Known Writing Advice," all those chestnuts of Vital Lore, and to see what they are and what works for you. We all have our own weird fingerprints to imprint upon this thing we do.

“Write every day” is a pernicious lie and not everyone’s brain works like that, nor are their lives structured to allow it >_>
I honestly feel that the ~real writers write every day~ thing is both a giant lie and an especially insidious form of gatekeeping.

Last night I dreamed I bought eggs but when I went to put them away I already had a dozen

So yeah that’s my subconscious, good times, good times

Another shot for better judging

Survey says? Super cute or horrible mistake?!

Is it cute? Are we in for an emergency trip to a salon?! Who knows! Tune in tomorrow morning for the exciting conclusion of Andrea’s Hair Color Adventure!

So the question is, 1:1 or 1:2 dark copper blonde and warm golden blonde? (The dark copper is my old color!)

BTW hair color Twitter, that’s after only 13 minutes of a bleach bath with volume 10 developer...

We’re having an ADVENTURE tonight! :D

Don’t worry, this is only halfway there ^_^

Is there a tool where you can see the translation for a single word in several languages at the same time?

I’ve realized over the last few years that my defining trait is reflexive optimism. I always see silver linings & ways forward.

This can look naive! But I’d rather get hurt putting trust and love into the world than hurt others by assuming they won’t do the same for me.

Is... is hopepunk what I write, then? Is that what you call it? 🌟
Where does a person start reading hopepunk? Clarkesworld issue 123 had 2, Infomacracy, Cloud Atlas, Fireside's The Revolution Brought to You by Nike, @Merc_Rustad 's work ... plus Skyfair from Angry Robot

I got my first “you weren’t nice to me so now I won’t buy your books” today and TBH I feel like I’ve finally *made it*

I just got a phone call with “Spam?” in the caller ID

Can’t decide if this is the phone company answering our prayers or some sort of reverse psychology play