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Andrea Phillips

My campaign to normalize parasols appears to be working, or at least I get many fewer funny looks than I did a few years ago!

Chilaquiles on the breakfast buffet next to the scrambled eggs is the best reason I have yet seen to move to California

In 1950, Simon & Schuster published a new children’s book, "Dr. Dan the Bandage Man". Publisher Richard Simon decided to include a few bandages with each copy as a publicity gimmick. He wired a friend at Johnson & Johnson:


The friend wired back:


OH at Disneyland:

Harried mother: Don’t you want macaroni and cheese? Come on, they have macaroni and cheese here.

Stormy preschooler: I don’t like macaroni and cheese! You don’t know me AT ALL!

Friends I actually got my first “I only like books by men authors” in PERSON!

Dude thought Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell was written by a man tho so >_>

@andrhia Sorry to bother you and this is not terribly important, but I follow you from my account at .social and I just realized none of your posts show up in my home timeline. Is that on purpose or am I doing something wrong? thanks!

OK so apparently I’ve had Twitter copying over to here and people have been taking to me for ages so uh

Sorry about that

OK, y’all, tell me about your favorite Mastodon instances.

Seriously even the white people here look like they were dipped in gold, it’s not a regional difference I expected!

California is making me super self-conscious about my ghostly pallor 👻

This is the best thing I have ever seen in my life
"All Star", translated to Aramaic and back into English. Sheer poetry.

Who would you say is this era’s Gene Wilder?

Interestingly, both films have characters launching into monologues that were iconic in the books but didn’t really fit where they got shoehorned into the scripts

I watched The Devil Wears Prada and Murder on the Orient Express on my flight and I have zero regrets

There are few modern pleasures quite like training your autocarrot to say “autocarrot” every time

Another day, another wrestle with “is it morally justifiable to be on Twitter.” The arguments, as always, are allowing complicity in its ill effects vs. ceding the venue and voice it’s given me to bad actors.

is it just me or has this felt like a Thursday all freakin’ day

Coincidentally, these are the genre markets that I won’t even consider supporting for the next year. Not with dollars, not with social boosts, and not with submissions, either.

These are the genre magazines that published zero new stories by black writers in 2018:

Abyss & Apex
Beneath Ceaseless Skies
Flash Fiction Online
Intergalactic Medicine Show
Liminal Stories
Nature Futures