Sometimes I think this is the best thing I've ever written
Whose plums these are I think I know
I ate them without asking, though
They might forgive my gluttony
Those plums were sweet, and cold as snow

I took a nap to get an achievement for getting enough sleep so yeah that’s where I’m at

You guys, Rookie Historian is really good. Like. REALLY good.

Now it can be told: I wrote a little tarot game for the and upcoming virtual race! :D unfairfunfair.zombiesvirtualra

Oh RIGHT I live by the ocean and I can visit it any time I want to!

Hit Staples at 8:30pm on the first day of school

We got out alive but I regret not thanking the cashier for her service

Just busted out the ol’ colored pencils

Uh, maybe a little TOO old

I've been thusly warned by multiple sources over the years.
An anon account has been naming abusers in the games industry. Alexis Kennedy is one of them. I can't speak to the motives of the anon, but Alexis is a well-known predator in the games industry. I have been warning people about him for years.

It’s surprisingly difficult to work out what math to do to find how to plant trees that won’t shade your solar panels

I often wonder how many international problems have arisen because “ye” means “yes” in Korean but “iie” means “no” in Japanese
@andrhia I realize that Mandarin isn’t particularly rich with syllables but this case feels unfair. (That said, it’s not as bad as the pronunciations “buy” and “sell” differing only in tone.)

I know this ship has sailed but “blog” is still a terrible word

It’s interesting how “modest swimwear” means anything from “long sleeves and pants” all the way to “covers a whopping 75% of your cleavage and butt cheeks”

Friends, I have an urgent print production problem -- I have a doc with a transparent image in it. It's transparent on screen in Affinity Designer, and it looks fine on screen exported to PDF, but when I print the PDF, the image has a black background every time. WTAF?!?!?

I'm noodling a novel involving designed immersive experiences and it sure is fun to think about all the gorgeous, interesting things you can make that aren't in any way horror, thrillers, supernatural, or puzzle-based

Important question: for Merida Disneybounding, should I go with...

We’ve been getting “OH NOES THE CAVENDISH BANANA IS DYING OFF” for like 20 years now, but have you noticed that somehow a less awful banana never shows up in stores

Some months ago some fraudster added himself as an “authorized user” to my credit card (shut down within minutes, no harm done)

Now I am getting credit reports and fraud alerts in his name sent to my address and I cannot stop laughing

So my grocery store has deployed a robot that looks for spills in the aisles

The only thing that keeps it from being hella creepy is the most genius deployment of googly eyes of all time

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