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Andrea Phillips

18 USC §1956(h) makes it a federal crime to conspire to launder money.

Today is the anniversary of The Revolution, Brought To You By Nike, and I have some thoughts about what’s changed since then

Generation theory as practiced in news media is about as meaningful as astrology

What would be cool is if we didn’t have a referendum on the merits and faults of any given age group each time a newsmaker rises up

Nikitina is the gold medalist of my heart PURELY for skating in PANTS OMGOMGOMG

So do I demand some sort of a license fee, or...?
Gucci stages a protest for its latest campaign.

I just do not currently have more coping in me, and in this state, if you made an argument with me about raisins in my challah or whatever, you will come off as *a jerk*, not a jokey pal

Right now I have guilt I’m not engaging in The Big Activism. I’m all one-liners and flip observations, which speaks poorly of me

Buuuut I’ve also been too sick for even mild exercise 7 out of the last 12 weeks (even aside from rolling activism into literally my life’s work)

I’ll note that on social media, you never know what someone else is going through, and you may never know what straw could break them without meaning any harm

Thread. This is some thoughtful, work-intensive humaning right here.
I don't usually make new year's resolutions, but I wanted this to be the year I stopped with 'joking' feuds on twitter about things like food preferences and I'm glad I did.

this is the funniest book I've read in a long ass time. sardonic as hell and deeply aware of exactly what tropes it's making fun of.


OK but for real why does Spanish stuff get to be Latin and not Italian stuff?

No matter how straight they say it I just can’t take the phrase “Olympic Sliding Center” seriously

I would really, really a conversation about how to defend against Russian propaganda in which nobody says “Hillary” or “Bernie.”

That election is over. What do we do NOW?

When I express anger at Russia and Russians, pls note that I specifically mean the government and its agents, not all Russian people

Important distinction there

Listen I don’t know how your night is going but I just Googled ‘Adam Rippon butt padding’

Psst hey it’s OK to eat some cake and watch some figure skating and be happy about stuff for a little bit

The trashfire will still be there for you when you come back

Saw a Jeep with a gritty tactical finish and

You guys were they dropping it when it was wet, or...?


Wait, heck, no, only the Australians are saved :(
@andrhia It is if you live in Australia.