Need an optimistic take on politics even if Trump wins? I got you.

America, Inc. is on sale in the US & UK from now until Election Day!

If @mulaney doesn't bring us David S. Pumpkins Junior tomorrow night, SNL is dead to me

Shoutout to all the political ads for chasing away all of the “in these challenging/unprecedented/difficult times” ads off the air, at least

If brewer/spinner/baker are masculine and brewster/spinster/bakester are feminine...

Why is miss feminine and mister masculine?

Government of some of the people, by some of the people, for some of the people. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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The chamber is full and McConnell is giving his Coney Barrett speech with his back turned to the Democratic side, speaking only to his colleagues, as if we don’t exist. Appropriate.

Does... does he know Biden wasn’t the president before?

Pro tip: don't try to put your new deodorant on before you've removed the plastic safety cap

Just... trust me on this one, folks

Who is your least favorite SNL cast member of all time and why

AirPod Pro noise cancellation is so good that it completely erases the very loud Trolls movie playing in the orthodontist’s waiting room omg

Psst it’s super manly to care about and protect other people, pass it on

It’s an exceptionally good day for the and y’all should check it out :)

Tommy and Tuppence are very charming and I’m mad that all anyone ever talks about is Poirot

OK but I tried to remember the theme song and all that comes up is Cyberchase


We need more shows like Love Boat: a rotating cast of people with relatable but not world-destroying problems get their lives sorted out by kind, charming people

Spare a thought and a prayer for all those bananas and muffins that got left behind in a desk drawer back in March

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