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Andrea Phillips

Oh god I never realized Spongebob’s tie is a proxy wiener and now I will never be able to forget

Related: it’s uncomfortable for me to talk about stuff like this because I feel like seeking credit for the good you do is wrong.

But... modeling prosocial behaviors is crucially important, too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Who was the first person to look at a bad cut and think, “Hey I know, let’s just sew this bad boy up”

Cool story, bro, get back to me when you can explain how it’s fair that the average house price in SF is $1.62 million these days
Jack Dorsey complains about "unfairness" in San Francisco homeless tax on corporations

I had SUCH high hopes for Stitch Fix, but we’re on attempt #3 and they keep thinking “tops for cold weather, fitted in the waist” means “pls send sleeveless swing tops”

Sigh, it could’ve been SO GREAT if they actually read my profile.

At some point we really need to talk about how judging people for running fundraisers or asking to get paid is a huge vector for racism and misogyny.

I mean, we've already talked about it, at length, but we need to do this again I guess.

Where is my Epcot Peru, Disney?!!

Hot take: The Emperor’s New Groove is a way underrated and underexploited film

Given this, I’m petrified about what the 2020 primary season will do to the left

I worry that the knock-on effect of the Russian troll farms is that we’re training ourselves to see even minor disagreement as shows of egregious bad faith

A subscription box service, but for iOS games

Tonight’s tweeting brought to you by the fact that Drama Fever’s servers are down 😭😭😭

Just tagging this into the main thread, because those original tweets are probably coming from a real bad mental space, and it would be kind for all of us to remember that, even if the ideas call for argument.

@Gwenda @MarkRHancock I don’t know her but I’m willing to forgive quite a lot over the existential terror that is “OMFG IS MY CAREER OVER”

And if my primary selling point was “Oh hey I know her!” I would personally consider this a sign that particular work was not... not very good.

(This is not an insult to the original poster’s work! Just the reality of how these numbers do and don’t scale.)

Related: the number of people that you know personally almost certainly isn’t a big enough number to make or break your career.

Further, if you DO buy/read/play, I have no expectation that you have to like it, because not all of the things I make are for all of the people I know and like! And that’s OK!

Friends, I love you all, and I will never, ever *expect* you to buy/read/play anything I ever write or make.

My friendship is not contingent on your commercial sponsorship.
Authors: can we stop pretending like the world revolves around us? This is terrible.

I think AC: Odyssey is the first time I’ve ever really, really liked the hair and its motion on a female avatar