Happy National I Hope My Neighbors Don’t Set My Roof On Fire Day!

Listen if you ever doubt that @ecmyers@twitter.com is some kind of mad genius, read this episode and it will set you straight again
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' Ep 8, "Dungeons in @ecmyers@twitter.com written by @ecmyers and narrated by Serenity's Summer Glau is now LIVE! serialbox.com/episodes/alterni

I think it’s safe to say this is an episode some of you have been waiting to read for literal years 😭😭😭
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The next installment of the epic conclusion is here! Ep 4 of ' final season, "The End of Time," written by @andrhia is available NOW: serialbox.com/episodes/bookbur

Fella, you’ve lived among women your whole life too but trust that doesn’t mean you know what it’s like to be a woman.
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I’ve lived in integrated poor and working class neighborhoods most of my life. Don’t lecture me on race. twitter.com/cstevens338/status

Remember, the point here isn’t that Biden supported this in 1975; growing and changing your opinions is nothing to be ashamed of!

But he was defending that position LAST NIGHT, in the year 2019, over forty years later.


I am so fucking tired of politicians taking positions because it will “save money” and not because it’s the right thing to do.


Who would have guessed that Ultima’s Philosophy 101 moral dilemmas would prove to be the defining fault lines of our society

A glitter named “Jailbait” getlemonhead.com/products/jail

What are the other colors, @getlemonhead@twitter.com? “Child Porn” and “Sex Trafficking”?

Can somebody explain why the NBA “somebody made a draft pick” jingle is the Harry Potter theme song

I’ve started playing Tales of Vesperia and please somebody promise me they explain why my dog is smoking a pipe

A million dollars isn’t cool, you know what’s cool?

Establishing a socialist state that supports and respects the dignity of all people regardless of their perceived production value to capital

Right. Today, I am going to start writing a NEW BOOK! I don’t know anything about it yet at all! So this is gonna be fun :)

There’s only one thing we can possibly do: lock everyone in the house until we solve this perplexing mystery


Somebody opened a broom closet and we found... a dead body

OK and now it’s an a capella rendition of “Sweet Georgia Brown”

You guys, I think...

I think they might be nerds

They are playing Rock Band! They are allegedly some of the finest student musicians in the county!




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