13yo, lightly punching my stomach: “Look, mom, it’s like the old times!”

An eternal truth
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@amysundberg I feel like whenever one learns about a topic, one discovers that newspaper takes on it are wrong.

Self-pub is hard, marketing is even harder, and because I believe in radical transparency: so far, America Inc. has sold about 214 copies of the 715 I need to sell just to break even on production costs

I'll write a proper blog about it sometime soon :)

Ninety days until the election. Maybe read a near-future political thriller that's "prescient," "uplifting," and "a page-turner"?

Real descriptions from real readers! And a 100% 5-star rating on Amazon! amzn.to/3ftSkks

When your farm share didn't have zucchini on the list for this week but you get 'em in your box anyway

(I’m experimenting with Amazon ads! I’ll report more on it later.)

To the person who bought America Inc. after searching for We the Living by Ayn Rand:

I’m so sorry this probably isn’t the kind of book you were looking for, but I really, REALLY want to see your review

You know what would be cool, is if some of our malware botnets were aimed at Folding@home to find covid-19 treatments

I mean as long as you’re using someone else’s spare computing cycles...

The glorious satisfaction of filling in the last few empty cells of a spreadsheet

In conclusion: I hate Trump and his corrupt family. I hate plague profiteers. I hate the decisionmakers at Fox that push false fear-mongering to get better ratings.

And that’s because I’m a moral person, not because I’m not one.

You’re still obligated to be a decent person to someone you hate — returning their lost oxen, etc.

And you’re not supposed to hate someone in your heart and pretend you don’t hate them out loud. But.

It’s OK to hate an evil-doer. It’s fine and human and, dare I say, just.

In Jewish tradition, though, it’s just and proper to hate the wicked.

Since Christianity is the subtext of American culture, a lot of that internalized guilt is probably derived from Jesus and that whole “turn the other cheek” business.

Dude was a radical, not that all of his modern followers do any cheek-turning.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about hate, and the religious underpinnings of attitutes toward hatred.

Mostly I’ve been thinking about things and people that I hate, and whether that makes me a bad person.

I often wish I could pipe all my hope and optimism directly from my heart to yours, but this is the closest I get

Stupid capitalism amzn.to/2P6ShA7

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but discrete means “distinct and separate” and discreet means “subtle and unobtrusive”

OK then let's do this the OTHER way:

I have heard
The chord
The King played
The Lord
But you
Don't much like music
do ya?
It's like this:
Fourth, fifth
Minor fall, major lift

OH RIGHT "plums ya andrhia" search string to the rescue!

RT @andrhia
I took a plum, tho it was yours
Just waiting in the icebox for
The morning meal, I’m wrong to stick it to ya
Your breakfast’s gone, and it was me
Those plums were cold, and oh-so-sweet
Forgive me, love, then I’ll say hallelujah

I'm trying to remember if I already did a plums/Hallelujah mashup and it seems like I should have already, but

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