If you’re offering special discounts or benefits to healthcare workers and first responders, please consider extending it to grocery and delivery workers, too

They are also risking their lives and families to keep us all alive, and generally for much less money

It’s ironic that on 9/11, everyone felt like they were New Yorkers and were terrified the same thing could happen in their town.

But now threee times as many people have died, the same thing actually CAN happen to all of them, and... crickets.

Listen, if that nasty cough we all had in December/January was covid-19, we would have seen the run on ventilators and spike in pneumonia deaths back then.

That was bad, yes. This is worse, and different.

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challenging everyone to post a photo you've taken from a place you've been. the only thing is that you NOT appear in it. just a pic, no description. let's flood profiles with landscapes to ease this isolation. copy this, post a photo & let's travel virtually around the world. t.co/qdP49yTC91

🚨 🚨 🚨
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If you live in one of these states, you can enroll in health insurance right now if you don't have any. These are the deadlines - and some are very soon.

Fess up, which one of you jokers wished on the monkey’s paw that you and your pals could all play as much Animal Crossing as you wanted

So we can all agree that it is simultaneously Wednesday and Sunday today, right?

Today I’m planning my goals for April! Think I’ll go with:

- Binge watch 8 series
- Eat 7 dozen cookies
- Look at the sky once every 96 hours
- Shower at least 3 times

I don’t know who needs to hear this right now, but if you put a teensy pinch of salt into lousy coffee, it makes it tolerable

No joke. Try it!

I cut my hair short and now I feel like I’m always wearing a hat

I cut my hair! All by myself! And I think it turned out pretty OK! :D

I’ll be snipping at it for the next week, of course

I did it, I won, I beat the laundry boss

This means I never have to do laundry again, right? Right?

I think today I might actually CATCH UP on LAUNDRY 🤪

Quarantine day tickety-tock. Strongly considering cutting my own hair in the immediate future.

Hair color Twitter, I need help. My salon uses a Loreal Professionel INOA color.

Is there a compatible box color I can use to tide me over without needing a color correction in the after times?

Hey so if you’re looking for a read about competent women working hard to make the world better...

Official launch date in July, but odds are good I’m going to drop it a lot earlier
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A corporation is running for president of the United States. And that’s the GOOD guys.

Preorders are open now! :D :D :D amazon.com/America-Inc-novel-d

Guys, maybe allowing companies to profit from essential healthcare services was a bad idea
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SCOOP: US drugmaker doubled price of potential treatment chloroquine in January, as the outbreak spread in China


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