Hot take: Brock Lesnar would make a kickass Santa Claus

That thing where one or more items were unavailable for your grocery delivery but they won't tell you WHICH ONES

I'm running into the NYTimes paywall a lot lately and I'm being tempted to resubscribe, am I a bad person yes/no

Before I started playing AC Valhalla I never thought I would ever hate a kind of fish as much as I hate bullheads now

Yesterday I tried an XL curl-accommodating swim cap and it was so amazing that all I could think was, "damn, one more debt I owe to Black women"

Can a noncorporeal entity like a ghost climb stairs? Ride an elevator? What about an airplane, or a space shuttle?

Explain your work.

Once, children, long ago, there was NO WAY TO KNOW when to expect your packages in the mail

Anyway it's super fascinating to see strong negative reactions to "people love these TV shows because they are kind."

I guess I'm sorry for you that the mere idea that someone else likes and needs that upsets you?

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So we can normalize talking out problems and understanding the pain that makes someone lash out. OR we can continue to glorify solving problems by punching.

I know which world I'd rather live in.

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Media are constantly normalizing behaviors. That's why taking smoking out of Hollywood affected smoking rates. Probably why gay relationships lost stigma. We do what we see!

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A few people are mad that I suggested adults need moral instruction. It's not that.

Narrative and social proof are how we understand the world. Yes, even adults.

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I've reached a point where I try to think of a new plums/Gaston/Frost/Smashmouth poem mashup and it turns out I've already done it

Android sure doesn't go out of its way to teach you how to use it, huh?

True fact, I own the same hat Coach Beard is wearing at the Emmys tonight

Hot take: Avatar the Last Airbender, Steven Universe, and Ted Lasso are all so deeply loved because they’re about good people trying their best

We’re thirsty to see more of that modeled

Just finished the third chapter of the @swampmotel Isklander mini-ARG online mystery series and it is super fun, y'all should get on this!

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