I don’t mean to body shame the mockingbird but how is this “slender”?!

Just sent a fax from my phone which feels simultaneously magic/high tech and wildly retrograde

Hey does anyone wanna read a book in which a company that is, legally speaking, 100% not Coca-Cola influences politics? >_> amzn.to/3sYkc7E

Last week I explained my job to someone and at the end they said "that makes perfect sense" and now it's all I can think about

Formerly known as Alternis — just as fun under any name, though 😘
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What happens when a game designer is trapped inside her own game stolen as part of a top secret project to keep the world from plunging into war? So much!🎮

New episodes every Thursday.

Listen to starring Firefly's Summer Glau now.


It's been the joke here in metro NYC for weeks that if you want a vaccine, just go to SUNY Potsdam, where there are ALWAYS appointments!

It's a six-hour drive.

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Look at these assholes acting like Potsdam getting 3X more vaccine than it needed was moxie, and not a state-level planning fuckup

Trying to work out my April goals and can’t decide if my main project focus #1 should be...

That’s the category that includes de-aging through transfusions of children’s blood
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Recently misread a phrase as “dark wellness,” feel like that could be a thing?

Also, they are us. Part of the “our.”
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Rep. Katie Porter: "Asian Americans are our neighbors, our friends, our lawyers, our doctors, our faith leaders, our small business owners... We're united by a belief that all people are created equal and have certain rights of fundamental freedom."

~8yo, scarlet fever, probably. Or bled out in childbirth, if I survived all the streptococcus
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This question is trending over on Reddit and I couldn’t resist asking it here.

It’s all I can do to not wander around from plant to plant cooing at all the buds

Looks like tomorrow the world will cross one billion doses of covid vaccine administered

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