Today’s Jewish learnings: apparently I am evil because I routinely go seven nights and more without dreaming :(

This year’s virus harvest sure is unusually plentiful and long-lasting

So sad to have to miss Confusion again this year. Raise a carafe in my honor, friends!

No you're putting "have a good cry" in your bujo for later
Take a moment to mark this historical day when the nation finally met the 38-state threshold needed to add the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constituion. There’s a legal caveat - the timeframe for adding it passed long ago. But hopefully that’s a technicality that can be overcome

American freelancers! 4Q estimated taxes are due TODAY!

Fun Andrea fact! I naturally lie down like this fella, so every night I have to remind myself to bend my knees and neck forward before I can actually sleep comfortably

...Much as I would prefer it not be, and I don’t agree that it’s true.

Just... there’s no need for this to be a controversy.

On the Warren/Sanders “a woman can’t win the election” business: it’s upsetting this immediately went into “LIAR” “NO U” terrain

Assuming the conversation happened, assuming an argument, even... it’s a reasonable point of contention

Never underestimate the possibility that pot-stirrers from, oh let’s say Russia to choose a random example, are trying to generate enmity between natural allies
What we just broke on air @CNN: Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren in a private meeting in December 2018 that he did not believe a woman could win, according to four sources.

Full story here, including Sanders' aggressive on-the-record p…

Wow the last 24 hours sure have been a long week

It annoys me indescribably much that “Altar’d State” is an Anthropologie knockoff and not a bridal store

After months of thought, I really hate the innovation in MLB The Show where the coach yells at you through the controller

Hot take: sports bras with removable cups that eg. migrate to both be on one side are a tool of oppression

When I decided to start the Daf Yomi I sure was not expecting "if you take the placenta of a black cat born of a black cat, burn it, and put the ashes in your eyes, you can see demons!!!"

I am having an oat milk turmeric latte, thereby proving conclusively that I am part of the problem

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A luscious icebox plum secrete
Thus breakfast future had he planned
Until I ate them, sweet and grand;
Forgiveness I beseech

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