Throwback Thursday
The It's a Small World ride at WDW has ~32 black people represented

...and ~50 birds, so, uh, @WaltDisneyWorld? Maybe fix that?

In prep for the new Avengers movie, I have muted the keyword “Chris”

How is this presidency different from all other presidencies
it's traditional for the youngest child in attendance to read the Mueller report

It’s lovely to have something I can still experience in a pure and uncritical way (even if I move into critical thought after the credits roll)

One of the reasons I’d be reluctant to write a Star Wars book: it’s the only big franchise I can engage with on an emotional level, and not a narrative-intellectual one

Listen that flip Rey does sure as heck looks like skywalking to me!
Quick idea before I run off for dinner: note the language. "The Rise of Skywalker". Not 'a' Skywalker. Not 'the' Skywalker. Folks, we might be looking at a TITLE, or the labeling of a GROUP.

Can you imagine if it’s Bezos buying the Enquirer, tho

Is there a word for the existential terror that you’ll drop your phone into a storm drain

TIL there’s a subreddit devoted to pictures of bees with tophats photoshopped in

Truly we live in the best of all possible worlds

There’s a fan on the sidewalk, plugged in and running, with nobody around. Been there for hours.

Hit me with your best theories.

Gailey has omitted the most important question here: why is this cow a cylon?

Is a cylon, too?!?!
In conclusion, and most importantly: Cow Tools

It really is surprisingly easy to accidentally run an illegal lottery

Another day, another “yeah we take your privacy REAL serious, lol” moment from Facebook
Facebook is asking some new users to provide the password to their email account.

"This is basically indistinguishable from a phishing attack," says EFF’s Bennett Cyphers.

This is a beautiful piece of writing by, and a brutal story. I’m glad he’s getting to a better place now.

I have a Mac on Mojave and Apple Music. Is there a way to start playing music automatically at a certain time?

Such a jewel of a book. Read it!
The last sale went so well, we're doing it again!

United States residents! get your copy of Karen Memory for only $2.99!

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