Hey hey hey even at the Olympics, most of those literally world-class athletes go home empty handed

So maybe cut yourself a break when you take an L, yeah?


Bar Method is weirdly wooden and unfun, like if IBM made exercise classes.

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So far, PureBarre is super intense exxxtreme BURN IT GIRL (and what I'm used to in person).

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One problem with algorithmic content streams: they prolong engagement by catering to your id, your desires in the now

...but leave no path for the ego to transform into the person you wish you were

OK so I have a Roomba and a Braava, and the Roomba is… not smart… but the Braava makes it look like some kind of super-robo-genius

What I’m saying is don’t you folks fret about the robot uprising just yet

One of the unsung victims of the pandemic: @AskAManager just doesn’t get the same caliber of office bizarro behavior over Zoom :(

I hate when sports announcers talk about what the athletes are thinking and hoping. How do they know it’s not “Damn I’m going to eat so much mochi tonight”?

Hey Nostradamus
What's it like to see the future?
I'm five hundred years away
But dang your prophecies are super
Here's to you
Your plagues and wars and bombs and coups
They all came true

I know you were saving them for breakfast
Gotta make you understand

Sorry that I ate your plums
Sorry that I let you down
Baby they were sweet and round

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We’re no strangers to plums
You use the icebox and so do I
A fuller belly’s what I’m thinking of
You wouldn’t share them with any other guy

So it turns out Revolting Children from Matilda and The Bishop’s Song from Les Mis are substantially the same song

DID YOU KNOW the Delta variant of covid-19 has different primary symptoms?

* Sneezing
* Sore throat
* Headache
* Fever

NOT cough, not loss of taste or smell. It might not be allergies! Get tested, just in case!

Who’s gonna file the first wrongful death suit against Facebook because their dad died of covid after being fed a steady stream of disinfo on social about vaccination?

This place has pretty well gotta be haunted by now, yeah?
RT @thehill
Two men found dead in former Versace mansion hill.cm/dE7ZWcT

Hey, I'm just saying that you're not crazy
Your plums are missing -- I ate them, baby
Meant for your breakfast, but looked so tasty
I'm sorry, honey. They were amazing!

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