state of me:. I'm now at 35k for my and my last purchase was Sailor Yozakura, which is a watery pale dusty lavender rose colour and is so calming to look at (shading in a broad nib is so nice)

its just true that at 30K, every draft gets boring.

I am so productive today. laundry, dishes and tidying. wrote over 1k and now it's time!

708 words and am calling it. I'll come back and hopefully do 300 more later tonight.

good morning shop! It's a toasty winter day. Cockatiel on my shoulder and upstairs is cooking bacon and i'm up 335 words!

i did not, however, meet my goodreads challenge. Le Sigh.

i think my is ready. It's mostly writing/reading focussed. I don't do monthly spreads or daily, either because my schedule is so easy to manage, but i do love tracking a few things, and keeping an eye on my word count.

#wip animal/bird 

and i just started a new chapter 1 in the with a dead bird so that's going to be interesting.

i procured a new storage facility, from Peg and Awl ( and I am all fifty kinds of excited for zippered pouches, but also bad at waiting for mail.

morning shop. I think I'm living on Hoth. Send space heaters.

Xmas, family, food, death 

usually at Xmas I self med w/food cuz stress but mom was the Baker and as she is not here to trigger all if my crap, I am not gorging myself in order to stay sane. also started EFT for my sugar issues so this is the only upside to Christmas? lack of snacks (for today at least)

it's a baked brie and french onion soup and xmas movies kind of day. All tracking layouts are almost completed. Save movies, which i want to do a better job at tracking this year.

have fallen down a hole, because apparently it's almost new year time and this is my new thing?

anyone here looking for critique partners? I'm on the lookout! ( is adult with lgbt rep, a dead princess, trying to subvert the regular stuff! wip is in progress, but i love talking and working out plot puzzles!)

upside, my plot didn't derail until around 24K, which is amazing for me.

morning shop! I am 2K behind in my WIP, but have written over 7K this month, despite the 11+ hours/day i spend working and commuting. Yay weekends.

new character sidelined my plot and altho I enjoy new character, I'mma kick her in the shins.

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