Lol @ nerdbros who want to try and big up their SFF reading cred but can't name a single author who's not a white guy who got his career started last century.

"Yeah, I've been reading a bit of Neal Stephenson lately, I dunno if you've heard of him...?"



@alis oh God and then if you don't think Snow Crash was the best thing ever, they launch into a lecture about how wrong you are... :|

@hafnia I avoid this discussion by not having read it, heh (I hated Neuromancer and kinda... gave up on the genre in disappointment after that, though recently I've enjoyed the Pat Cadigan and Jeff Noon takes).

@alis ugh, Neuromancer is awful. I can't stand Gibson. Ex was a big fan of him and used to read his stuff out loud to me in an attempt to make me like it...nah, just nah.

I keep meaning to read Pat Cadigan. I've interacted with her a bit on the 'net; she's extremely nice. :)

@hafnia I've liked some of Gibson's other stuff (e.g. Pattern Recognition) but just bounced massively hard off Neuro. 🤷

Cadigan's SYNNERS is way more prescient than most cyberpunk of its era, I think? Definitely an underrated gem.

@alis Fair! :) Neuromancer was the first one I read; I tried reading some other stuff and Nah. (Again, the ex trying to read stuff out loud to me to illustrate Why I Was Wrong probably didn't help! :) )

I'll have to check out SYNNERS. I've been wanting to read more SF lately; might be a good start. Thanks! :)

@hafnia Michael Marshall Smith is my Forever Fav in the 90s-near-future-SFF genre, FWIW, but he also tends to be a love-him-or-hate-him author, so…

Subjective taste! What even is that? :O

@alis How dare everyone not love the thing I love! :P

I'll give his stuff a shot. I'm always open to book recs, and I figure if I don't like it it's not necessarily an indication of anything except my own moral failings.

@hafnia "How dare everyone not love the thing I love!" Haha, IKR?

I am the worst reccer-and-to-be-be-recced-to person on Earth, I think, but I do keep a list of my TBR and my recently reads that may be of interest, so... (shameless self-plug!)

@alis Thank you!

I keep a doc of book recommendations, but I don't generally pull it out unless someone specifically asks me for them...and otherwise I blank about what to recommend, so I feel you! :)

@hafnia I think I tend to have weird, very specific tastes, hence I'm always a bit reluctant about giving recs per se. But I've found keeping public reading lists is a handy alternate (then people can make up their own minds!). 6^^

@alis Amen to that! My taste is *definitely* weird, and I'm okay with that. I don't make tailored recs for that reason!

@alis might be the wrong time/place to ask but I'd really be interested in having some recommendations :). Sorry if it is the wrong time/place.

@UnclearFuture It probably depends on what you're looking for, I guess? (Namedropping/knowing-the-current-state-of-the-industry is kinda a different ballpark to recommending, heh.)

@alis genuinely recommendations, not necessarily namedropping/state-of-the-industry-currently unless they overlap.

@UnclearFuture Hah. That's harder because taste is so subjective, without knowing particularly what you like? I do a monthly books read recap, though, which has the stuff I'm currently reading, as well as the stuff on my to-read pile, that might help:

@alis I'm up for trying anything at least once in terms of reading which is why I just said whatever recommendations you can give or tried to give that impression anyway :). Thank you for the links, I will check them out :)

Dang. Given this year's Hugo winner for Best Novel, those boys are pretty darn sad.

@thraeryn An unsurprising number of them have never heard of Jemisin, let alone read her, which is like... pretty much the lowest bar to step over. 🤷

I bet a lot of 'em have even read Le Guin and would simply never, ever think to name her as a favorite. :fire_sad:

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