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And, yes, food is always a complex intersection of many factors, but... I always kinda-side eye white people who managed to emerge from that era with these mayo-basic tastes. Like, why'd y'all opt out of this? (Haha, rhetorical question: we know why.)

And because mum is those things, I know (because she's told me) that the 1970s, when she was a young woman, in particular was a time when more diverse/"ethnic" food options were becoming more available and mainstream in white culture, both on the consumption (e.g. in restaurants) and production (e.g. in cookbooks and ingredient availability in stores) side.

So that clickbait article about "Millennials are killing mayonnaise!" has apparently made me madder than I realised, not so much because I care about mayo (lol) or "Millennials are killing X" articles, but because my mum is both, a) a brilliant cook, and b) a white Anglo Baby Boomer.

Anyway, tl;dr after finally finding an online grocery store in the US I've worked out that me cooking (what is for us) a normal weekday meal there would be about 20-30% more expensive than it is here, and... Yeah. Food justice issues. Go figure.

Wait. Is it just me, or do US-based grocery chains not have online shopping? Like, if you go to, like, Tesco (UK) or Coles (Aus) you can just... buy groceries. But US stores... you can't?

(This thread brought to you by a bunch of things I've seen and done recently, all freezing together in my brain this cold winter morning. Thanks for coming to my toot talk.)

And, like. This isn't saying that anyone should tone down their ids; some of the most successful and lauded works in history are just *so obviously* raw belching idfests. But rather, don't mistake id for craft, and don't assume that just because you're good at craft, your id is for everyone, or that if you're good at it, your craft is on-point.

And, on the flip side, you get situations where people write very iddish works that do very well in their particular market, thinking that they're "good writers" who no longer have anything to learn about craft. When that is... obviously not the case, ref. their actual works.

Ditto the other way around: a work can have... not great craft (or even outright lousy craft), but still be adored because it hits 110% of all a reader's id-buttons.

The problem is I think a lot of reviewing/analysis/etc. of published works is... not very good at making this distinction. Which is why you get the "ugh, how did *this* get published?" argument (spoiler: because it hit people's ids enough in a way that translates into $$$).

I think one of the issues is that writing craft has a kind of objective element to it. Like, writer voice varies but at some fundamental level things like prose, theme, structure and so on can be analysed as being either "good" or "bad".

But a work can be "good" (i.e. have solid craft) but still not work for any one reader because the id doesn't line up, and id is purely subjective; either a trope is Your Bag Baby or it's not.

And it's only sort of recently that works that deviate from that model (which is very straight, very white, very middle-class, very male, and very UK-/US-centric) have gotten any kind of substantive traction.

Thoughts on (SFF) Writing: For all that there tends to be reams and reams written on writing craft, and how that relates to a work being "good", I think the function of id gets overlooked a lot. And part of the reason is I think, historically, SFF writing's id has been... invisibilized, in a way? Like, there's an Assumed SFF Id and where works cater to that id, the "iddishness" of them isn't remarked on.

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โ€ฆ my friend made a cake.

Aw yis!

(Caught just after I evolved the last of the current *eons, too. Oh well. Guess Iโ€™ll be saving you for Sylveonโ€ฆ)

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
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Oops I accidentally a comic storeโ€ฆ

I just saw a headline reading "Homo erectus 'too lazy to live'" and IMO using pseudoscience to support neoliberal bootstraps-style ideological slander against a species that went extinct half a million years ago is like Peak 2018.

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