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A week ago, I was in Melbourne attending Continuum 14. Here's some of what I got up to.


So D&D Beyond is quite pricey but... actually kinda good?

Tfw you update your WordPress.org plugin repository for the first time in five years...

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ngl the fic panel at has made me nostalgic for oldskool metafandom-style media analysis posts.

… Mum made me a fur-trimmed hoodie.

We have a tradition that someone runs a ttRPG at cons. At it’s my turn, so time for some D&D! (No pressure… gulp.)

... Blizzard, don't do this to me. I took next week off to finish my MS, and you're making it very hard.

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Really love how Word just randomly eats data in Content Control fields. Love it. Thanks for costing me 1,500 words in this report, Word.

The one thing I was taught in school that has been most useful in my professional career is the ability to form an answer by restating the question.

Meanwhile, in Discord chat: When you think about it, a porg is really just all the left-over parts from the platypus.