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I love* waking up at 4am after having nightmares all night! So refreshing!

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Apparently you can crash GMail if you try to delete 5,000 emails all at once. Who knew?

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In other news I have finally played Oregon Trail for the first time and made it all the way to the end in good health with no one dying.

... I feel cheated somehow.

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So on the assumption that bad luck comes in threes, and that my laptop is getting kinda old, I decided to finally get around to buying a new backup drive. Just… y’know. In case.

Tl;dr, backup your shit, folks.

So that was great.

And the first website that died? Oh. Azure just deleted the database because they decided they didn’t want to offer that service for free anymore. NBD.

Except when I tried to load it… it wouldn’t.

Turned out, the host’s domain name had literally expired overnight, and they hadn’t bothered to renew it. Or warn anyone. Or be contactable in any way. (This was one of those mate-of-a-mate hosting arrangements.) 🤷‍♀️

The second website that died, incidentally, happened when I was at a conference listening to people talk about backups.

I was like, “Hm. I’d better make sure that site is being backed up!”

(Also those websites now totally have backups.)

On the plus side, having to recover two websites in a month from dev versions because prod didn’t have backups has finally made me replace the Time Machine drive for my laptop. 👍🏼

(Re-)re-vamping my writers' group's webpage, and going through all the broken links it's always kind kind of depressing how many spec fic mags have bloomed then folded.

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Like, I seriously do not believe the devs intended this to work in this way. It feels more like an overly literal application of tabletop rules (y'know, the ones everyone fudges because micromanaging sleep and gear is boring). Which, like. Welcome to Differences in Game Design Between Tabletop and Computer RPGs 101.

The only way to "escape?" Make the tediously slow crawl (no running! You're Exhausted!) back across the map to the inn. The you can rest...

... then have to trek all the way back out to the map you were trying to explore in the first place.

Trying to rest? Good luck, because half the camping mechanics are based on DEX, which is *also* reduced by Exhaustion.

So now you can't rest; all you can do is get wave after wave of random encounters.

Seriously. At the moment this game is tuned like one of those damn "survival" sandbox games.

Carrying 1lbs. over your weight allowance? Fatigued. Which reduces your weight allowance. So now you're Exhausted. Which reduces it more.

Gotta love that like 90% of PATHFINDER: KINGMAKER so far has been save scumming the RNG in the stupid broken resting mechanic. 🤷

Sure do hope they fix that one up for release. There's such a thing as adapting tabletop mechanics *too* faithfully...

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