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Hello, artists!

Because of Reasons I am currently in a place where I would like to spend more money on commissioning art. That may mean art from you!

If the idea of ME paying YOU money for your art sounds appealing, please see this for more:

RT Agatha of Sicily, the original "female presenting nipples".


IDEA: Instead of those black bars, censor your porn by pasting high res images of the genitalia of classical statues over the naughty bits.

1. What awesome race can I play? (Horns/tails preferred.)
2. What awesome clothes can my PC wear to look awesome at all times?
3. Who are my love interests and what tragic story can I console them through?
1089. Combat, I guess.

I literally had a nightmare last night that was me going to see a new MCU film and liking it.

Awful stuff.


The mall is blasting out “Christmas music” that my obsessive inner twelve year old instantly recognises as one of the instrumental tracks from the LION KING soundtrack she listened to on repeat for like four years…

… I thought I posted these yesterday, but apparently not?

Anyway, axolotl pride pins!

Because why would they be? in for a horse out when they were together this travis—travis hale, ceo—was still… someone.

Petition to remove all "stealth" levels from games.

On the plus side, it's nice to see my country making international headlines for something other than torturing refugees or hosting speaking tours for neo-Nazis for a change.

Scully matches wits with a mysterious birthday clown. Doggett punches and kicks modern-day dinosaurs.

I bought some clothes online and they've arrived and the post office sent me an angry email saying the package was "too big" to fit in the locker and I'd have to pick it up from the counter and now I'm scared.

So, like. The fact that the game FROSTPUNK presents as its only options for survival in harsh conditions a facile choice between fascism or theocracy is IMO really reflective of just how subverted and meaningless the whole *punk shtick has gotten.

Every couple of months I go through the link validator on my blog, and weep at how many more websites have fallen victim to the enduring scam that is SSL.

My the technology gods have mercy on our souls...

My Twtiter feed is talking about "contract terms pulled straight from Paradise Lost" as a panel topic at the "SPN con" and spoiler alert it was *really* not what I'd originally imagined...

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