#solarpunk #hackerspace #writing question: what would be the most Solarpunk / realistic / interesting way to heat a hackerspace in a city in colder climate? Something to make a story interesting & visual?

The usual answer "servers" isn't that eco

@alxd okay, so, you start with passive solar heating and some really big heat sinks. (Stone is prettier, concrete is easier). Big southern windows and really good insulating blinds for winter.

If we're going realistic and punk, fill the top of the building (roof) with barrels of water painted black. Get some sort of way to circulate the water, maybe a small solar-powered pump. That'll limit the freezing risk.


@alxd You can do a lot between solar heating and really good insulation (and body heat) But if it's a cold area, it might (like my area) also be grey a lot of the time, so.

Let's see. Urm, can you put your hackerspace in the subbasement? Then you have a consistent temp.

Servers isn't eco, but I mean, computers start with radiators, can you do something cool with that and rgb and have the space basic-heated by the computer waste heat?

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