Sophistry was a black cat, child of a black cat & a passing storm, and she was luck.

All cats have luck aplenty to share out, despite what the rumors would tell you, but it is a well which can become dry if pulled from immoderately - this is why cats have 9 lives & not ∞ - and some cats have deeper wells than others.

Sophistry - called Sof - had found that rarity, humans who could share luck with her, not just accepting it, as many cat-bonded humans do, but giving back.


Any field cat can be considered lucky to have found a home with a loving family, a warm bed, and good food, but Sof's luck was of a measure beyond.

She would purr, and the mailman would have a better day, close her eyes in peace and the farmer's crops grew stronger. Sof made the neighborhood better, and as long as she had her warm hearth, her soft bed, and her bowl of kibble, the world was lucky, & so were her people.

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