It's time for the 🎃October Patreon Theme Poll 👻 and that means it's time for me to tell you about my worlds & about the other options on this poll!

- a Thread

First up in the Patreon Theme poll is Stranded World.


A setting.

Everything and everyone in the world is connected by lines of energy - strands. These Strands hold people together or push them apart; they can get tangled, knotted , smoothed - or even cut.

A few people in the world can read these Strands, can smooth them, can manipulate them, creating magic, which, like anything, can be used for good or ill.

Next up in my Theme Poll is Generation Ship (another setting)
A / setting. (with very few stories - hence why I want to write more of it!)
Their ancestors took off towards a goal many centuries away. Knowing that they would have the Ship as their home for ages, they created a society to last, one built on solid foundations.

Like everything, though, that society shifts & changes.

The next setting on my Theme Poll is ShareAlike!

To be honest, I know very little about this setting.

I created it to play with a map concept - Every nation in this part of the world has portions of their land which are owned by another nation, from tiny squares to huge bites of territory.

Every bite has a story, of course - and this world, reader prompts could easily form.


My Theme Poll is up, & I'm talking about all the options:

Next is Things Unspoken - a Lovecraftian-esque empire with millions of secrets in billions of hidden corners.

From the mermaids in the south to the creatures nobody speaks of in the North Sea, from the eastern nations which aren't yet trained, to the Western lands where the Empire has held sway for centuries, the Empire holds more whispered secrets than we will every find.


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