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Next up in my theme :

Summer Houses & Cottages (motif)


So, motifs here are broad concepts, letting prompt-level patrons prompt in any extant setting or something sans setting.

And Cottages, woo~~ Around here, that means going to the Lake, swimming, hotdogs, and digging in the sand. It could be summer romance or a murder mystery; it could be a post-apoc hideout or a peri-pandmic escape.

Summer houses are the ultimate Get Away from it All.

Who should we send away?

If any of the options I'm talking about sound interesting, or if you want to see ALL the options, please check out my theme here -

And please vote! It's open to everyone and it's been a bit scant on the votes this month.

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And the next option in my theme

Stranded World (Setting)


Every single connection anyone makes - with other people, with places, with things - leaves a trail of magic in the world, and some people, a rare few, know one or more ways to manipulate those trails.

Some people can smooth out problems and some tangle in MORE chaos. Some people can read the connections; some can zhuzh up someone's life with a twist of the Strands.

The next option on my theme : Goats (motif)!
This was a reader suggestion, and my first thought here is Reiassan, one of my long-running (Fantasy-then-steampunk) settings, where goats are the riding, dairy, and meat animal of choice.

Then there's Addergoole/Fae Apoc, where being a goat-person is not only possible, there's a couple characters who might fit that.

And there's goats as a cultural theme, or like Pan, or as a metaphor.

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