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It takes some patting around on the floor to find the pieces of your flashlight.

You crouch next to a glow-line to illuminate it. The glow pulls you forward; the broken flashlight anchors you.

With some swearing & some duct tape from your EDC pack, you get the thing working.

Then you shine it over the room and gulp.

When you grabbed the wall to stop yourself - that was a skeleton you grabbed.

A ½-meter ahead is a deep pit.

Even the floor carvings look ominous.


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The Pencatte Catacombs, a Fediverse CYOA

I am doing a Halloween Choose Your Own Adventure one post/day from now through the end of the story/Halloween/as I feel it!

I am only doing this on the Fediverse - Mastodon, etc. - but it's easy to get an account.

My suggestions: - If you want an invite code, ask me; I have lots.  This is the instance I'm po

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This is a choose-our-own adventure inspired by @nuhn's piece — see here:

Everyone can vote and please do! Please boost, too!

Polls will be posted daily & will be open for 20-28 hours.

Your character can die! Or be lost forever in the catacombs!

If this happens, up through October 31st, like any good Choose Your Own Adventure, we'll go back to the beginning and pick up with a new character.

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Time for some Wandering !

Hi, I’m Lyn (aldersprig).
I like

( )

(in theory), other , hopefully & this year

and any you might have (see also above).

I live in cow country in the Finger Lakes, NY State, US with 3 cats & a husband.

@InvaderXan About 20 years ago, I got out of the elevator on my way to work and realized it was pouring rain outside. A man I'd never met before said "Oh, you take the bus to work, don't you?" and gave me his umbrella.

I tried to refuse and he said, "It's fine, I've got more, and I just have to get to my car."

So I thanked him and accepted.

I still have that umbrella.

I should add one of my own...

One time I was just walking home from the city, when there was a sudden huge rainstorm. I had an umbrella, so I managed to stay mostly dry. Then I saw a girl, standing at a crossing waiting for the lights to change. She was absolutely soaked and looked really miserable. So I gave her my umbrella. I was wearing a coat with a hood, so I was ok without it.

I'm fairly sure I've never once seen her again, but I hope she's having a good day, wherever she is now.

Tell me about a good deed you've done for someone, or a good deed someone else did for you.

The web that raised me was a digital playground in the truest sense. It was made up of HTML experiments frankensteined together by people still figuring it all out.

The beauty of not completely knowing what you’re doing is a lack of premature judgement. Without a standard to rise to, you’re free to go sideways. Explore. Try things that don’t work, without any expectation they _will_ work. An open world with a beginner’s mindset.

The web that raised me was a little…

longhurst peaches, painted by deborah griscom passmore, 1903

Okay this typo is too funny not to share

If Mieve had not already seen his healing power, she'd have been horrified at the way he passed out, bloog bubbling out of his mouth.


Mississippi’s Tunica Lake, in this image’s central oxbow bend, was once part of the Mississippi River –  National Geographic

“May the lake take your only child.”

- a curse I just invented.


lone star persimmons, painted by amanda almira newton, 1906

Media Consumption -- you are what you eat

On media diets, media awareness, and why being hyperaware of media representation isn't necessarily a bad thing.

So we went out to the Big Box Store on our every-two-months cheese-and-cereal (etc) run.

That's like a 2 hour trip, including stopping for takeout on the way back.

Get home.

Storm door is closed, front steel door is open, light on in the foyer.

ack it's time for firewood and then 7 more minutes ack.

Okay question.

In , I can do a find-replace to replace all <i>text</i>, for example, with italicized text without the html markers.

Can I do that in Scrivener?

> It appeared at the moment that the Social JOMKne akkkkkkk

When Oli steps on the laptop keyboard while I'm typing on the big keyboard.

Afterwards or Submission?

Sweet proto-romance in a bunker or accidentally building a bunker?

which discrete means "not right in your face, subtle" ? discreet? discrete?

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