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Time for some Wandering !

Hi, I’m Lyn (aldersprig).
I like

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(in theory), other , hopefully & this year

and any you might have (see also above).

I live in cow country in the Finger Lakes, NY State, US with 3 cats & a husband.

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09/08/20: Originally US$20 plus shipping, now US$15 shipping included in contiguous USA. Neoprene gives a no-latex, no phthalates stretchiness, contrasted by gleaming bronze anodized aluminum. Made by yours truly. $tarlimanjoppos Paypal DM for additional details and shipping address

"How long until we find the exit?" I asked. Dad simply smiled.

"We're here to find furniture for your dorm room," he said. "It's gonna take a while."

I sighed and looked out the window. The sun was shining brightly. That's odd, I thought. I could've swordn we've been here for at least six hours. I thought it was high time I asked my Dad a question.

"How long until we find the exit?" I asked. Dad simply smiled.

#tootfic #microfic

Visit the Lady’s Garden

This is just a fun Addergoole ficlet, and I swear it really is fun.


“So you get your own garden?” Gernot walked around Pihla’s room slowly.  “This is pretty nice.  But - no bed?”

“There was one, but I talked them into giving me more dirt instead,” Phila admitted.  “I sleep in this part, here.”  She toed the dirt as she watched the upperclassman and his assessing looks.

“You wer

This morning I crossposted 8 of my (mostly Potions-and-the-apocalypse and caturdays) to my Patreon, scheduling them out on saturdays (cats) and tuesdays (other) for the next 4 weeks.

This wasn't technically on my list, but it *IS* 8 posts to Patreon, so I think it counts as that.

Fishing Day

"Shit."  She was trying to get calm, get mellow, to enjoy the sun on the lake and the breeze in her hair.  Her mind kept coming back to the body in the swamp, just a couple hundred feet away.
; it's ()

Purchase Negotiation 43: Small Steps Forward

"...if you want a real statistical sample, well, you ought to get more than one baseline measurement, yeah?"

- it's ,

Goals today (in order of priority)

Move some


Don't be sick.

Clean kitchen

Finish unnpacking from Vacay

Pick up ten things from flat surfaces - re-begin my Flat Surfaces Challenge that got lost in the lockdown.

Write a thing

Post/Housekeep-my-site a thing
Comment a thing
Print out those two print outs.

:chickBicycling: something like 25 minutes, mostly in small bits spread out over the day
:chickWithBroom: 20 minutes of tidying
:chickWithLaptop: #HomeSiteHouseKeeping nearly 30 minutes of fiddling with image data, including posting a bunch of sketchy self--portraits from nov/dec on my website

The Great August Rebloggening Challenge: Week 1 Check In

The Challenge has been going for a week!

How's your home site going?

Did you reach your goal this week?

Did you learn anything about your site?

What are your goals for next week?


I have a daily challenge for us for the weekend! (Courtesy of Kunama)

Add (or delete or move) something relevant to your “where to find my works” or “contact” page

"I must warn you," the librarian said, "this book is cursed."
"Read the first two chapters and you will be trapped, unable to stop reading until you reach the end."
I swallowed. "I... I have read books like that before."
The librarian nodded. "Then go, and read."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

When I got home, I was so exhausted, I could barely keep my eyes open. I vaguely recall kicking off my shoes and falling face first into bed.

I could hear them scurrying around as I closed my eyes. Putting my shoes away. Picking up things I’d knocked over. The clink of a glass of water being placed on the bedside table.

“Night night,” said a voice.

“Dream good!” added another.

“Thanks friends,” I mumbled, falling asleep. Goblins were so helpful.

#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

The Night Fishers

"I swear, when I go diving just as the sunset touches the water, I find the best things.  It's got to be the difference in lighting, but I gotta ask - why don't you stay a little later?" 
; it's ( )

A colouring-in page for my work's volunteer newsletter.

It's not a very serious newsletter.

A DIGITAL ART TIP: Do you have problems getting lost in detail? It's easy to just keep zooming in and obsessing over a scale that'll be a few pixels at the final size. And then you wonder why your stuff takes forever. 

From: Book Repair
To: Dept of Necroforensics
We understand that Prof. Hutu is still dealing with the fallout from his sheltie's transformation into a ravening demonic hellbeast, but he needs to source the necessary skin from an executed murderer to rebind "Tortadh Do-chreidsinneach". The holes left by his dog chewing the cover are allowing considerable leakage, we only have one containment hood capable of handling that much brimstone, and the filters are expensive. He did sign the damage waiver.

The author sighed. "I’m not sure where this story’s going anymore. I don’t even know what they should all do next."

"You know, you could just ask one of us,” muttered one of the characters on the page, clearly frustrated.

#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

The pen had arrived in the mail on her 21st birthday. Gift wrapped in red paper, it had nothing to indicate who'd sent it. It had an iridescent sheen to it, which would catch people's attention, especially when she was drawing.

The hundreds of pictures she drew with it always looked a little more vivid than her others. Sometimes, people would think they'd seen one move, out of the corner of their eye. But surely that was just a trick of the light. Right?

#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

The boat was far too small for the six of us.

We'd cram ourselves aboard and row out to the center of the lake, in the mildest danger of sinking.

The boat was one of two important details; the second?

Sardines in tomato sauce.

We'd all roll open the cans and wait; never for long.

With barely a ripple around her long supple neck, she'd rise; the lake's most famous rumor.

She'd nibble the fish, and if we were lucky, sing us a song.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

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