splitting holidays custody during a pandemic:

halloween: dgaf
thanksgiving: dgaf
christmas: dgaf
new year's: dgaf
passover: dgaf
kid's birthday: grit our teeth and bear it together

"what do you want out of your divorce?"

to be divorced, lol

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like, a clean financial and legal break and half custody with some flex (e.g. if either parent gets sick)

and for my ex to quit thinking we'll ever get back together

that would be cool too

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divorce, depression 

it's dark out, nothing matters, there is nothing to look forward to for at least six more months, I just do a shitty job at work and parent my kid

(especially now, because there was a COVID case in my kid's daycare class and we're doubly quarantined now with no childcare)

but sure, introduce your brand new girlfriend to our kid, why the hell not

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