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like, are there tariffs on these suckers or something? curvy jean trade war? janctions (jean sanctions)???

Is it just me or are curvy-fit jeans no longer a thing?

old navy: sold out except for like two sizes
gap: gone
levi's: gone
lee: sold out except for like two sizes
madewell: still exist but only for skinny jeans and not in "taller" (because their "tall" is still short on me ugh)

guess who's been in the google recruiting funnel since mid-October and just had their post-onsite, we-want-to-give-you-an-offer-but-we-forgot-to-evaluate-whether-you're-L4-or-L5 follow-up interview canceled with 20mins notice

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I always read "fomo" in lowercase as "forno", Italian for "oven"

this in turn implies the existence of such recipes as "pasta al FOMO"

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whatever kind of day you are having and whether you're celebrating anything or not, I hope this trans triceratops improves your day a little

transphobia, bad words 

transphobia, bad words 


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RT @Carnage4Life
Microsoft Research came up with an A.I. model to predict the number of bugs in a code base and the top predictors in order of accuracy were

- company org structure
- code churn
- code complexity
- dependencies
- code coverage

Anyone else not surprised?

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