Rats ate my ripest peppers, then knocked over and stripped the leaves from some others.

I'm so done.

ants, medical 

ants, medical 

ants, medical 

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ec selfie 

Actual high: 97F.
Tomorrow's forecast: 98F.
Do I actually think it'll stay below 100F? Lol no

California is where mediocre meteorologists go to slack off, I'm convinced

The forecast was for 91F. They were correct...for the indoor temperature.

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Quarantine and Memory 

Flashback to harkavagrant.com/index.php?id=, whose expression and linework and comedic timing I will never ever match

IMHO it's the best comic strip ever devised, and it's done with like a thin pilot pen on recycled printer paper probably augh

I am envious beyond belief

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No no, I said "polyarmory." I have several dozen longswords

Q: What do you say to the person at work who just has to make every meeting a video chat?

A: “ok zoomer”

When all this is over I don’t want to use Zoom ever again

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"This time may treat us harshly, but I am not giving up. There is still good in this world."
"What makes you so sure of that, pipsqueak?"
"I am still in it."

#art #mastoArt #sketch #oc

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