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If you're in need of almost-last-minute gifts for queer friends and you're in the UK, here's the handwarmers I have in stock:

Most of them are £16 per pair, first class postage is £1.50, happy to post overseas - DM me if you're interested!

The rain came. I can confirm the gingkos are totally bare, some still with yellow carpet, most with khaki.

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Along the tracks in Mountain View stands a line of ginkgo trees, bent slightly, not by Diablo winds or ocean gales but the punctuated wakes of trains.

In fall, they glow Suessian yellow, bright as torches in the early sundown. How strange that the trains bend the tree but the leaves remain. Waiting, I suppose, for the absent rains to pull them down.

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Dogs play the game where you don't let the balloon touch the ground. On a beach. I watched at least a dozen loops already and I'm not even close to done

divorce, depression 

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like, a clean financial and legal break and half custody with some flex (e.g. if either parent gets sick)

and for my ex to quit thinking we'll ever get back together

that would be cool too

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"what do you want out of your divorce?"

to be divorced, lol

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splitting holidays custody during a pandemic:

halloween: dgaf
thanksgiving: dgaf
christmas: dgaf
new year's: dgaf
passover: dgaf
kid's birthday: grit our teeth and bear it together

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RT @RoyalHoeliness
Someone sent this to me on TikTok and I am delighted.

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uspol, election, nice ad-free tool 

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"Svelte for Sites, React for Apps" by Shawn Wang

Interesting exploration of tradeoffs between web sites and web apps, and React versus Svelte. Worth reading for the links alone.


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This would be used a lot as a “fuck it, I'm going home” kind of emoji

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i'm starting a group for trans and nonbinary and otherwise gendery farmers, land people, food people, etc. it's focused on southwest Wisconsin, and right now is a Facebook private group but will expand eventually. DM me if interested.

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