Things I have learned from messing with my schedule this week: I need to get back to working out in the afternoons. I seem MUCH better able to power through a workout after writing and editing all day than I am writing and editing after knocking out some exercise.

@aimeeogden I super hear this,I do best if I either work out after writing, or if I get to work out much earlier in the day and relax for a while before I write. (I work an 8-5, so that second doesn't happen too often.)

@ByTylerHayes I tried making coffee this afternoon, which did not solve the tiredness problem and has in fact uncovered new problems of the THERE ARE ANTS IN MY ELECTRIC KETTLE variety. 🙃


@aimeeogden Welp, guess Aimee needs a new house, this one needs to be cleansed by fire.

@akuzenski Now I have this nightmare vision of the firefighters spraying the place down but all that comes out of the hose is a stream of ants.

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