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Apologies for the move, but my current instance appears abandoned (no recent posts from the admins and the Mastodon version is from April).

I'm moving over to and hopefully this will be the last move for a while. See you over there!

Apologies for the move, but my current instance appears abandoned (no recent posts from the admins and the Mastodon version is from April).

I'm moving over to and hopefully this will be the last move for a while. See you over there!

Someone, somewhere has 17,000 "Get Ready for Brexit 31 October" mouse pads to get rid of

One of the huge drawbacks of Mastodon is having to move, but I understand that you can move your followERs on the latest versions.

Can this be done from an out-of-date instance, or do both instances have to be running updated software?

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It's slightly concerning that both the owners/admins of are rarely seen on the instance any more.

One seems to have disappeared altogether. The other is mostly posting at instead. The instance is stuck at 2.8.0, a Mastodon version from April.

Time to grab a backup account elsewhere, I think.

Went to Asda without realising it's the school holidays. Two things:

1. I'm really, really glad I never reproduced and I can't wait for infertility to take away even the remotest possibility that it might ever happen.

2. I'm really, really glad I get to sequester myself away in a university for the rest of the week.

Does anyone want £5 off No.7 cosmetics at Boots? I've got a voucher here that expires next week and I won't have time to use it before then. There's no minimum spend, it's basically a free fiver.

What I want to say: I'm sorry, if you haven't done the work and the deadline is 4pm today, I'm not going to send you my work to copy just because you're pretty and asked nicely.

What I actually said: No, I haven't done it either, so I can't help you.

(I submitted it on Friday.)

Today's topic on the radio: what's the worst hotel you've ever stayed in?

I think, if I could be arsed, I'd have to nominate the Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool.

The TripAdvisor reviews are amazing and horrifying. No-one stays there, we just go to the TripAdvisor page to laugh at people who did.


It's been a bumper three years for purveyors of stock photos of buildings and flags.

I've listened to so much unoriginal local radio in my life that as soon as The Mystery Year, Guess The Year, The Throwback Hour, The Top Ten at Ten, High School Hits, The Golden Hour or whatever other title they come up with for the same feature comes on, I hear the first few bars of the first song, go "easy, 1994!" and go off and do something else for the rest of the hour

So this is what everyone's listening to instead of the radio now

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Now I have to leave the radio off for the next two days, so I don't have to listen to Trump yelling out graphic descriptions of someone's death three times an hour.

Perhaps I should invest a little time in finally figuring out what Spotify is and how to get it.

Yes, it's a man in a wetsuit playing a cello made of ice in Huddersfield, what about it?

I was going to pop to the shops to get a few bits for tea, but my thug neighbour is outside after screaming at his kids for three hours, so I've postponed my walk until he's gone, he's threatened me in the past.

Goodness knows what it'll be like once I've transitioned.

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Is GenderGP still a thing, still open and still taking new clients? Asking for a friend. The friend is me again.

The constant ads for Paul Chuckle without Barry in this year's panto at the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford are strangely sad for something so fun

I need to get some work done today, but instead I've got the same old anxiety thoughts rolling around in my brain and I haven't done anything. I wish I knew what to do to get out of the loop.

If my work rate continues at this level, I'm going to fail.

This article is horrendously upper-middle class ("I went to live in New York for three months just because; we all went to Brisbane together") but it does touch nicely on the intensity of female friendships, which is something I'm just starting to discover.

I love some of my friends way more than people I've dated. Female friendships are difficult to navigate but wonderful when they work, far more so than relationships I've tried to have with men.

It's that time of year again where I spend a rainy Saturday deciding what to go and see at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

The guy playing a cello made of ice sounds intriguing.

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