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Is it possible to become more of an extrovert during transition? Like, "male" me just wanted to hide away all the time in their little house.

Girl me wants to be out having fun and gets fed up in her little house.

Forget the 30 under 30, I've just had an email plugging the 42 under 42. There's still time for me yet!

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Completely honestly, I think smaller and relatively "undiscovered" cities like Bradford have more exciting stuff going on. Younger people can afford to move into them, take risks, be creative.

If you're moving into Manchester now, you're 30+ and you've got a highly-paid professional job. You can't take risks or try something new because your cost of living is massive. It makes for a city centre monoculture and as for the Manchester inner-city suburbs, the less said the better.

Every time I drive over the tops and look down from the moors to the city skyline, another tower seems to have appeared taller than the last one.

It's unsustainable, it's intimidating and it's turning what used to be a cool city into a theme park for the wealthy, like London.

I really dislike modern Manchester and try and avoid visiting, and this article sets out some really good reasons why that I haven't been able to put my finger on beyond "I feel deeply uncomfortable here". It's a good read.

Local radio being optimistic/pessimistic (depending on your view of snow) by running trailers for a snowman building competition in October ☃️

I've got a few things I want to write, mostly trans-related, that are too long for a post on here. I've set up a WordPress that isn't really a blog, just a place to put writing that's more than 500 letters. 💜

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I wonder if you can set it up to only notify your phone if it's a mutual who's mentioned you, rather than random dudes?

When I ask you to take me out of a conversation so I don't get pointless notifications on my phone, I expect you to not then REPLY and TELL ME YOU'VE DONE IT which makes ANOTHER NOTIFICATION

I think it's my friend texting me something important and then I look down and it's Random Mastodon Dude

Yes. Yes I am.

(My deadname email is a cesspool of shite these days. It's a .eu domain, so I thought it would be gone by now - I moved everything off it prior to 29 March.)

Where do people go these days for fun desktop wallpapers? I'm getting a bit sick of the sight of Default Debian.

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