Wait if Facebook goes under and Twitter goes down in the flames, does that mean Mastodon inherits the earth?

Killer sinuses and trashfire has significantly cut into my writing time this week. It’s Saturday so time to make up some words.

But first: tea.

Psst hey it’s OK to eat some cake and watch some figure skating and be happy about stuff for a little bit

The trashfire will still be there for you when you come back

Sometimes the trashfire gets loud enough that your brain spins all the way full circle into zen like calm. That's where I'm at today. Just gonna roll with it. (and stay off birbsite.)

The nerds created catgirls to appeal to their fetishes, not realizing the danger of merging human intelligence with the cat's murderous instincts... now the shattered ruins of humanity--

"I smell prey nya~"

They found us! Everyone r--

Morning, shop. Feeling better about life this morning. Packed all weekend, get keys to new place on Friday. Wrote a short story. Minor break through on sequel draft, but got a LOT of writing to do to catch up with deadline. Oh, and A Conspiracy of Whispers comes out in a week. Eep! Let’s get started.

Hoping to get out of my funk today by hanging with writer buds for co-sprints this morning. Gotta figure out this act 2 slump. Wish me luck, friends. My word debt is getting dire for my deadline.

Mental health accountability 

After a crap day yesterday, resolving to be kinder to myself today. Get out of the house. Write something fun. Work on being okay when I’m not writing. Accept I maybe can’t do all the things. Even on deadline. Be okay with that.

This is harder than one would think.

I got Super Hot for the PS VR for Xmas and, friends, this is closest to what I wanted VR to be as a kid. So much fun.

Happy holiday, Shop. Finding myself v grateful this morning for the quiet way I celebrate this weekend with partner and found family.

If you're having to spend this weekend in a less than optimal family situation, remember we're here for you. Holidays and family are tough. You're tougher. <3

So yesterday I ran errands and saw Star Wars and had dinner with friends and partially witnessed an assault in my apartment hallway. Let’s hope today is less exciting. (P.s. I really need to move.)

Morning, shop! Happy to be reminded it's solstice today. Bring on the light.

When you're literally watching your country march in lockstep toward total totalitarianism and you have a book that's due.

This time of year my inbox is a holiday panic button. with screaming hordes of advertisers. Every email starts "LAST CHANCE" or "HURRY" or "LAST DAYS till Xmas" or "BUY NOW NOW NOW OR WE KILL THE KID"

...okay, that last one was mine. Still.

Holy crud. I just went through my closet and donated at least half of it. So much I never wear. That felt amazing. *makes eyes at dresser drawers*

Start of busiest holiday weekend for me. Errands and party prep and cake baking and downsizing chores and oh, I should probably write somewhere in there too. welp.

griping: I find it frustrating sometimes that I can’t put a boosted toot behind a CW if it doesn’t already have one.

Anxiety metaphors 

How do I never realize I've managed to stack all my projects into one big anxiety house of cards until someone offers one more pretty card for the top and I forget how to breathe.

Hi, I am trying to write to a deadline, debut as a pen name, downsize my house, plan a move, and be Holiday Festive right now. How are you?

self care twitter account that just posts "get off of twitter" every 30 seconds

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