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It's been hard to contain my excitement and keep quiet about this news. @neonhemlock will publish my debut short story collection, "Skin Thief" in 2023. I couldn't be happier (in a goth way 😉) Teenage me would be beside herself if she knew one day she'd have a book of her own.

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@HBBisenieks no self reject!! Only send!!!

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@HBBisenieks I think part of it is knowing that they can only take one! I ended up sending the one I had on hand elsewhere a little while back because of that, instead of holding onto it for this call.

Zijn hier #WordPress bouwers en gebruikers aanwezig?

Werkt iemand van jullie met #yootheme #pagebuilder?

Ik hoor graag jullie mening en ervaring!

#adviesgevraagd #ookopLinkedIn


"InterGov holds that all human beings should be allocated the resources to obtain a safe and productive life. For the most part, they’re content to hope that someone, somewhere, will see to it that such a thing happens."

@mattdovey Congrats on the new job!! I for one can't wait to get some new Dovey words in my eyeballs.

We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives. - Toni Morrison

@Marguerite so close!! I got the e-book in my cart there, but I can't make an account with an American address. Well, I can be patient for a couple of months, I suppose!

@Marguerite Nee, ik heb alleen een "Nu kopen" knop; geen keuze van betaling :/ misschien kan ik mijn land veranderen in de instellingen ...

@Marguerite One more thing to add to the list for after we move, I suppose!

@Marguerite Grrr, de nederlandse kindleversie is niet beschijkbaar op Amazon dot com en ik kan geen boek op Amazon dot nl kopen >:/ Ik haat deze digitale grenzen!

@Marguerite I'll have to make a note of "Torenhoog en mijlen breed" for when I can read without looking up every other word or so :)

@Marguerite that's a hard question to answer! I think of classic authors, Ursula K. Le Guin is my favorite; nowadays, some of my favorites are Tamsyn Muir and Premee Mohammed. Do you enjoy SF too?

My own favorite story is easier to answer than I thought at first; I think I'll always have a soft spot for this one :)

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