Things I have learned from messing with my schedule this week: I need to get back to working out in the afternoons. I seem MUCH better able to power through a workout after writing and editing all day than I am writing and editing after knocking out some exercise.

@aimeeogden I super hear this,I do best if I either work out after writing, or if I get to work out much earlier in the day and relax for a while before I write. (I work an 8-5, so that second doesn't happen too often.)

@ByTylerHayes I tried making coffee this afternoon, which did not solve the tiredness problem and has in fact uncovered new problems of the THERE ARE ANTS IN MY ELECTRIC KETTLE variety. 🙃

@aimeeogden Welp, guess Aimee needs a new house, this one needs to be cleansed by fire.

@akuzenski Now I have this nightmare vision of the firefighters spraying the place down but all that comes out of the hose is a stream of ants.


interesting. How do you start your working day, do you start writing after breakfast or do you prefer to work later after the workout you mention?

And is ther e a difference in tone of voice in your stories if you write them on different moments of the day?

@Marguerite I have to get the kids out the door for school and then maybe start a load of laundry, but yes, I seem to get my best work done if I start soon after breakfast. I'm not sure I see a difference in tone depending on the time of day--mostly just the pace at which they get written!


Thanks, I see. Of course for you school hours of your kids are the moments you can work at ease.

Which of your stories is your own favourite?

And may I ask which SF authors are your favourites? Which style?

@Marguerite that's a hard question to answer! I think of classic authors, Ursula K. Le Guin is my favorite; nowadays, some of my favorites are Tamsyn Muir and Premee Mohammed. Do you enjoy SF too?

My own favorite story is easier to answer than I thought at first; I think I'll always have a soft spot for this one :)


Thanks for your reply. I read Ursula's work decades ago ;-) and truly enjoyed it.

I started reading #scifi when I was about 10 I think. Here in The Netherlands author Tonke Dragt wrote about astronauts exploring planet Venus. Dutch title: Torenhoog en Mijlenbreed

Then I moved on to English: Clarke, Asimov, Pohl and many others.

@Marguerite I'll have to make a note of "Torenhoog en mijlen breed" for when I can read without looking up every other word or so :)


I can recommend Tonke Dragt's books - she writes for all ages. And she illustrated many of her books as well.

She is 91 now and I try to send her a letter for her birthday each year (via her publisher).

I think many of her books have bee translated. Netflix made a series of her book Letter to the King.

#TonkeDragt #scifi #author

@Marguerite Grrr, de nederlandse kindleversie is niet beschijkbaar op Amazon dot com en ik kan geen boek op Amazon dot nl kopen >:/ Ik haat deze digitale grenzen!

@Marguerite One more thing to add to the list for after we move, I suppose!


Ja dat is vaak nog helemaal niet écht internationaal geregeld. Kan je niet via Paypal of iets dergelijks kopen?

Dan heb je geen last van die betalingsbeperkingen.

@Marguerite Nee, ik heb alleen een "Nu kopen" knop; geen keuze van betaling :/ misschien kan ik mijn land veranderen in de instellingen ...

@aimeeogden aha, ja dat zou je kunnen proberen.


Kijk anders even naar welke boekwinkels er in de stad waar je komt wonen zijn?

Die hebben misschien al mogelijkheden om online te kopen?

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