This is the second awesome adult birthday party mentioned in response to this toot! I have some party-planning work to do before I turn 40! (5 years should be enough time, I hope, but I don't know how fast bouncy-castle reservations go.)

@aimeeogden My friend managed to reserve hers about three weeks out. The only complicated bit is having the folks come out to check for buried wires. She also got a permit to put it in a park, so there's also that (uh, if you'd like to go to a nice stranger's 30th tomorrow, I have room for a plus one, btw!)

@cislyn Ahh, thank you for the invite! I think the whole household is gonna lay low this weekend after surviving this First Week of School deal, though :)

@aimeeogden Thaaaaat's very legit! I hope everyone came through the first week well!

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