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It's been hard to contain my excitement and keep quiet about this news. @neonhemlock will publish my debut short story collection, "Skin Thief" in 2023. I couldn't be happier (in a goth way 😉) Teenage me would be beside herself if she knew one day she'd have a book of her own.

Zijn hier #WordPress bouwers en gebruikers aanwezig?

Werkt iemand van jullie met #yootheme #pagebuilder?

Ik hoor graag jullie mening en ervaring!

#adviesgevraagd #ookopLinkedIn


"InterGov holds that all human beings should be allocated the resources to obtain a safe and productive life. For the most part, they’re content to hope that someone, somewhere, will see to it that such a thing happens."

We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives. - Toni Morrison

Things I have learned from messing with my schedule this week: I need to get back to working out in the afternoons. I seem MUCH better able to power through a workout after writing and editing all day than I am writing and editing after knocking out some exercise.

[Deleted because of the lovely and massive response I've already had! Thanks everyone who boosted!]

In case you missed it: my story in
Translunar Travelers Lounge
features my favorite type of main character - someone who soldiers on with a deeply dry sense of humor.

I think there's a part of me that really likes the quiet over here as opposed to Bird App. I had a lot of trouble telling when it was time to stop drinking from the firehose - over here, it's easy to just pop by a few times a day, say hi, and swoop back out again--minus all the FOMO.

Some days you’re the hot dog, some days you’re the sidewalk.

[photo of an abandoned hot dog lying on the ground]

Hello Mastodon! What's on your plate for today?

I have a new story idea burning a hole in my brain-pocket and a couple free hours this afternoon to try to work it loose!

Good morning Mastodon! Whatcha looking forward to today?

The kids and I are going Bucky-hunting today! 85 Bucky Badger statues around Madison, we've seen ~65, can we catch the rest today before they get taken down?

This is the second awesome adult birthday party mentioned in response to this toot! I have some party-planning work to do before I turn 40! (5 years should be enough time, I hope, but I don't know how fast bouncy-castle reservations go.)

Happy Friday, Mastodon! (Or happy Saturday to some of you by now, I reckon.) What are you looking forward to today or this weekend?

Tomorrow is farmers market day and I! want!! PEACHES!!!

Good morning good morning Mastodon! What are you excited for today?

The kids have their first full half-day of 4K today and I get three! whole!! hours!!! to myself to work. Let's see if I still remember how to make words?!

Good morning Mastodon! What are you looking forward to today?

I'm excited about the sunny but not-too-hot forecast after today! Madison dearly needs a break from rain.

And I got 800 words down today despite only having an hour at home before having to turn back around for early release (plus I had to feed myself lunch during that time). I STILL GOT IT 💪

First day of 4k was great apparently, until the walk home when my son realized a.) there are cool school buses! and b.) he does not get to ride one. :(

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