Hi! I'm Accio ^^

My main acct is @acciomath, but I'm experimenting with having some alts for some of my different interests.

I'm a big fan of , , and books, and my current favorite authors include Neil Gaiman, Brandon Sanderson, and Octavia Butler.

Please share book recommendations with me :)

@acciobooks I just recently read Rivers Solomon’s An Unkindness of Ghosts, about an Earthship and it was good/hard on so many levels!


Naomi Novik. So far, I read "Spinning Silver" and "Uprooted" (?), and both are wonderful takes on traditional tales.

In that vein, "Deathless" by Cat Valente is also great. She writes many different stories, all told well.

@acciobooks @acciomath I see here you’d like book recommendations. Well, I just read a great one called 48 Hours. I don’t remember the author’s name but if you’ve ever read the One Second After series, it’s the same person. In my opinion it’s 500x better than One Second After. My current favorite is Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits by David Wong.

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