Figured out why I keep randomly singing Tonight You Belong to Me.

It's because one of the blackbirds has a call that sounds exactly like the starting notes, and my brain just jumps right in with the rest.

The briar roses have bloomed!! I'm very excited. I'll get out later today and take pics and breathe them in.

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blind person looking for a keypad :boost_ok: :at_me: 

My national org for the Blind has been out of Orbit braille gear for a while and they don't seem to be restocking anytime soon, and the site doesn't seem to ship outside of the US at the moment.

I am looking for either:

- An USian willing to send a package to Spain so I can buy the actual Orbit 20 braille typing keyboard.

- Advice on bluetooth keypads and programming them for braille on Android and Windows.

- Someone who builds keyboards who could make a small wireless keypad for braille and navigation (6 to 16 keys)

I live in Spain, in case you need to account for shipping and such.

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Wish: that van Gogh could experience digital art tools and access to the hex color codes.

she's still lousy at the weather, tho. It's been cloudy and thundering all day, and she insists it's clear and no chance of rain

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Needed a last name for a character. Asked the robot for a random word.

handy! I don't have to click away! (of course then I clicked away to come here and say this, but yeah)

I don't think twitch will work well at the house (rural internet), but do people ever post their gameplay on YT. Not like speedrunners, but just regular play? I'd like to watch games I know I'm not good enough to play.

uspol, j6 

Listening to this hearing is the first time in weeks my heartburn is flaring again. Just listening. The amount of stress this whole era has put on our bodies is not discussed enough.

SEC and bad math (cursing) 

so, the firm worth 40 fucking billion dollars got caught cheating (again) and they are fined 100 million dollars with a measly M.

Who's in charge of fine math at the SEC, because they need a better education.

June's writing update, plus what I've discovered after two months off twitter is up for all patrons.

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There was an unexpected gate-crasher at the wedding, just as we were waiting for the bride's party to arrive, this large Black Swan sauntered over and stood near the groomsmen.

Clearly, it knew it was a black-tie occasion and decided it was dressed for the occasion.

#bird #photo #nature #AustralianWildlife #BlackSwan


Good grief, brain. All the anxiety stuffed into one night - including being about to give birth in an unsafe environment. Guess the news is trickling into my subconscious.

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uspol, guiliani 

A felony. They are charging that guy with a felony. If you watch the video, he barely touches him. It's a pat on the back. guiliani is quoted as saying it felt like "a shot." foh

We are so screwed.


Successfully removed a splinter from an awkward spot on my foot by myself. Go, me!

It's the little things, ya know?

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gonna make a passive help post because I mean, why the hell not

I’m 36 weeks pregnant and could go any minute, trying to get our little family into our own housing before birth. My wife has good Union job prospects, we’re just running very low on time.

any assistance will go towards application fees, rent, and deposit. thanks so much y’all for getting us this far!
$app: $glamorshark
venmo: @londonshine
revolut: @glamorshark

tech complaint, all caps rant 


Overly hot from sitting by the lilac. Came in and turned on the fan. Cat plopped down right in front, blocking the air from me. 😂

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One of the most requested features on Mastodon is a built-in language translation system, where you can click on a post and it automatically translates it into your language.

If this is important to you, and if you are comfortable using Github, please give this issue a thumbs up to let the developers know that this feature is wanted:

(I thought this was already being worked on, but I cannot find any official announcements saying this.)

#Mastodon #Translation #Translations #Translate #Languages

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