since this appears to still be blowing up:

tag yourself I'm Bert-Kermit

@WizardOfDocs So where does George Burns go?

He mostly deadpans punchlines, I guess?

But he feels more like he's deadpanning setups, even when he delivers punchlines.

@WizardOfDocs he was a vaudeville performer who made the jump to radio, then to film, then starred in one of the first TV sitcoms.

His wife retired and died in the fifties, and he kept working until he passed away at 100 in the 90s.

At least in his television years, he's one of my favorite performers.

I did a small write up and shared some episodes on the most recent post on

@ajroach42 @WizardOfDocs I feel like he belongs right where the image of Kermit is, alignment-wise. He's always very deadpan, and he's best known for playing the straight man to others, but his own standup is quippy without much setup at all so there isn't any buildup for a punchline either.

@erinbee @WizardOfDocs he is pretty Kermit the Frog. I'll accept that.
And Gracie falls on gonzo.

@WizardOfDocs I like this, even though to my mind some folks wouldn't fit on it at all. Steven Wright, for example, who delivered wacky material in a deadpan way, and you could never tell what was a setup and what, if anything, was a punchline. "I got home last night and someone had rotated all my furniture by 360 degrees."

@WizardOfDocs feeling I exist somewhere I the upper left does that make me a kermie?

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