Thinking today about follow-through and completion and how/where we put values on these things.

Why are they valuable and where do we assume they're valuable when maybe they're not?

Reasons why they've valuable:
- when they get stuff done that needs to be done (e.g. library book on shelf, bug fixed in software, dinner finished and edible!)
- finishing a thing can make us feel good.

(cont πŸ”“ 🧡 )

But we also put a lot of value on follow-through in hobbies and creative spaces.

And I think sometimes we transfer the value that comes from completing care tasks (dinner is edible! dishes are clean!) and work tasks (employer does not fire me! also I like fixing stuff!) without asking the same why!

Unfinished project? Well, did you just not vibe with it? Was it a good creative experiment but then you wanted to experiment with something else instead?


@platypus you know what, I am gonna frog that second complicated lace sock that I no longer have spoons for, and messed up the numbers on somehow, and try not to feel bad about it

maybe I'll make a different sock with the same yarns to go with the one I did finish

thanks for the vote of confidence

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