Ads that make you actively not want the thing being advertised

Boost if you agree

@seafrog I'm gonna say most ads in the last decade, and not know if that's me getting smarter or ads getting dumber

@WizardOfDocs yea i can never tell!! i did see a couple on tiktok that i couldn't tell were ads until i looked at the comments, and i think that was quite nice because i got some dopamine out of it. but also fuck capitalism lmao

@WizardOfDocs @seafrog ads that are so desperate in their attempt to not look like ads that you can't even tell what they're trying to sell you anymore

@WizardOfDocs I am so ad-poisoned that it became a joke in my family that when we're at the dinner table with the TV on I would point out dumb shit in commercials without even realising how much I was doing it.

@rockario @WizardOfDocs i kept doing this too and it also annoyed the family :p

but like, how are ya gonna have the tv on and not mock the terrible ads? just let them seep into your brain uncontested?

@KitRedgrave @rockario or just don't watch TV, and have adblockers everywhere you do watch stuff

@WizardOfDocs @rockario this is what i do myself, but if i have to be around ads i am going to ruin the experience for everyone

@KitRedgrave @rockario my parents have a policy of no TV during meals unless there's a sports on that Mom wants to watch

And I think that's been good for my mental health

So true. They are negative recommendations for the brands. I don't want to incentivise, never mind finance, those that insist on stealing my attention.

@WizardOfDocs there's too many of them to remember which brands I actively have a grudge against

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