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Twitter journalist: I'm looking for people to interview about the dangers of pressuring nonbinary people to be thin and androgynous

Me: Slow your roll. I can't be the only person here who *stopped* feeling pressure to be thin when they gave up on gender.


Me: have a good day in kindergarten
Kid: have a good day in adultgarden*

* The danish word for kindergarten means "children garden" (børnehave) (which I guess is also what the german word means) - kid is doing clever substitution of words to build new concepts! :blobaww:

October 14: The elliptical machine is in the kittens' room, so the kittens usually stay in a playpen during our workouts. Tonight, we tried not using the playpen.

This was a mistake.

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Ja he traduït al #català aquest nou panell d'administració que tindrà una propera versió de #Mastodon.

Playlist from the American Academic of Pediatrics for International Day of the Girl, about physical and mental health for women and afab people

Full disclosure: I learned about this through Google internal news and I'm not sure what role the company played in making it happen

Ooh, this is already getting interesting.

"Pathological examples are useful to know. On mountain highways, there are tall sticks on the sides of the road designed for bad weather. In winter, you cannot see the road clearly, and the sticks serve as warning signs: if you cross this line,you will die! Pathologies and (counter)examples serve a similar goal. They also serve as a reality check, when confronting a new statement, theorem, or conjecture, whose veracity you may doubt."

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Looked into this further. and according to this article, the proposal is to track aggregate data (the total of debits the total of credits for a year).

I am not wild about this, either, but it's not as mind boggling as "all transaction data".

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Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you reassurance ✨

I can't wait to hatch, thought the dragon. I wonder what my elf will be like? I hope they are fun!

But when they nosed their way out of the shell, they found their nest deserted. Nothing but swamp in every direction. No elves with great destinies in sight.

For a while they cried, keening their sorrow at the moonlit sky.

Then a swamp cat scruffed them and deposited them into a swarm of kittens.

They quickly decided cats were much more fun than elves and destiny!

#microfiction #TootFic

Black Kites are possibly the most common Kite in Eastern Australia. You see them along highways pretty much everywhere outside of major built up areas, usually cruising around looking for roadkill, or at roadkill on/near the roads.

#AustralianWildlife #photo #bird #BlackKite #nature

This morning I woke up with the word HERO tattooed over my heart.
I've heard about those, appearing spontaneously after you've saved someone, then slowly fading.
I don't know what I did to earn it, don't really need to know.
But I wonder why my brother woke with a VILLAIN tattoo.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

I wrote a book. You might like it!

A group of queer disaster nerds are teleported into the world of their TTRPG game.

🤗 found family
🏳️‍🌈 all queer cast
💜 ace romance
🦖 shapeshifting
🐱 animal companion
🍵 cosy adventure

Out now!

Dang, this #AlgebraicGeometry text has a very poetic title, "The Rising Sea", which refers to an oneiric metaphor of Grothendieck about how a nut of knowledge is slowly cracked by the slowness of an incoming ocean tide.

It also cites Morpheus from The Matrix in its preface, haha.

Now I really want to read this. I like poetical mathematics. Kinda like Ada Lovelace.

my work is hiring! (engineers, product managers, managers) 

the federal US government's technology transformation services (TTS) is hiring! this is my job, 18f's, parent org. they're using one listing to hire into multiple agencies.

I'm five weeks in and so far it's a really great place to work, with a lot of potential for impact. happy to chat to anyone interested.

- info session (there will be more):
- roles ('upcoming positions'):

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