In case you're not aware (I wasn't), there's a phishing scam going around on #Steam, in which someone uses a compromised account to send messages asking you to vote for their friend's team; the link leads to a fake Steam 2FA page, which can give them enough information to compromise your account. Please be aware!

The icon used in Microsoft Teams to say that a user has left the chat is a person **running away**, and that’s a big mood

Registration #A389947 - 1959-05-11
Title: A modern introduction to college mathematics.
Claimants: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
No renewal record found.

Europeans actually have several different ethnic groups with distinct histories. There are the proud & warlike western europeans, the aloof & intellectual scandinavians, and the gregarious russians (also known as eastern europeans). Even these can be broken down into further ethnic groups!

The gender today is the smell of fresh cut grass and sound of wind chimes.

They gave her a pet rock as joke. A lonely pet for a lonely woman.

She grew fond of it anyway.

She greeted it every morning when she turned off her alarm.

She rolled it in her hands while she thought.

Sometimes she painted it with bright patterns or cheerful meadow scenes.

When it purred for the first time, she was startled but pleased. It began to follow her to work, rolling tirelessly in her footsteps.

All the love she had given it, it returned tenfold.

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How long does it usually take you to fall asleep?

Feel free to expand on your answer as a reply

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Invisible disabilities exist. We are not faking.

Australia's oldest known petroglyph is a life-size kangaroo from over seventeen thousand years ago

hey so if i wanted to make software that shipped with a small database you could access to create printable like, takeoff sheets, what would be the best way to go about it. i'm imagining something like Access but standalone.

Nothing could match her stealth as she wove through the world, employing every shadow. In the trees she would gaze down with smug vanity, washing her paws and whiskers knowing she bathed in utter privacy.

Sometimes her humans weren't even sure they had a cat, but she'd always eat the food they put out and bring them little stunned gifts they always loudly celebrated, waking the creatures enough to scurry away to be caught again tomorrow.

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Signal boost of indigenous reparations nonprofit

the Purim event I went to tonight supports Real Rent Duwamish, who are asking settlers on Duwamish land (Seattle and some of its suburbs) to pay rent to the tribe.

The idea rattled my white-passing privilege hard enough that I thought it was worth passing on to anyone on fedi who has spare money.

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