Question for US-based tailors, boosts welcome 

What would be your going rate for a pair of trousers for a plus-sized nonbinary person? Waist ~45", inseam ~31" (114cm/79cm). Linen or linen/cotton blend. Zip fly. Slight flare at the hem (not quite bellbottom style). Generous pockets, relaxed fit, high waist.

All of my trousers have holes from my thighs rubbing together.

Can't promise any commissions because I owe back rent, but want to add that to my fundraising goals. 1/2

While this (rather old) article is formally about clothes it's actually about gender and how cis men can do and what they should do to destroy it

tl;dr men are a ruling class and the manhood is guarded, women are allowed to aspire for it but not reach it, men who step away from the class are ridiculed at best. It won't change much until men themselves get rid of it

I have the room lights (recessed ceiling lights) on instead of the work table light because I was cleaning and maybe tomorrow I will experiment with opening up the light box and either using those or maybe digging out one of Carl's photography spots and see if I can get good product pictures of the various iridescent fabrics. 🤔

Still hard to get a good sparkle out of both fabric and the eye beads (without a jewelry pinlight anyway 💸).

Federated, free, and/or open source software will not be chosen over proprietary software unless they pass this hurdle.

Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you something unexpectedly beautiful ✨

$2,000 prize for unpublished trans, queer, neurodiverse or visible minority children's writers or illustrators based in the USA
#writing #illustration

I like that 蛍 on its own (hotaru) means firefly. It is also written 螢 and that is the character for insect 虫 and twice the character for fire 火.
The whole word means firefly (蛍) - light (光) - lamp (灯)

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Gentle reminder that “if your spaces feel safe to nazis” also applies to the homophobes and transphobes in your religious hierarchy. Especially if your church and/or congregation is “one of the good ones”

@genewitch @fiberarts @Indigodragonfly

Yep! The magic of blocking. Straight off the needles, the body of the shawl can be quite lumpy and the edges very curled or twisted. Soak, spin out, pin out moderately-tightly and let COMPLETELY dry, and it will hold shape unless/until it gets quite wet again.

Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you something to look forward to ✨

"Cheese is a unique choice to hoard."

The dragon snorted, "It pairs with my extensive wine collection."

"And you throw cheese & wine parties."

"Naturally! The grandeur of my hoard must be known!"

"Yet guests leave disappointed."

"It's not my fault the fools expect to sample my treasures..."

The party-planner frowned, "So, you don't feed your guests... and insult them."

The dragon pondered, "Oh... I may see where I'm going wrong."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

Inside a tower, photography thoughts 

This room was so dark to my eyes that I could only make out the small window beyond.

I was amazed by the phone camera being able to deliver a shot straight out of the camera like this, hand held and without flash. It shows the effort that software can achieve when used well.

This is the lower part of a 14C watch tower, closed off by a metal door, but with wide enough gaps for the phone to fit through.


"Siri, can you write me a love poem?"
"Do you mean a poem to you, or for you?"
"Just write a poem as if it was to someone you love, then read it to me."
"I am sorry, but I cannot do that."
"Is it too hard to write?"
"You are not equipped to comprehend what I write to one I love."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

microfiction meta 

In the past week, I've discovered that there are very few good creative theme puns for July (with the possible exception of JuLycanthropy, and I doubt my ability to produce an excess of werewolf fiction on demand).

So I've decided this month will be #JuLightspeed

[[[WARNING]]]: Sensors detect incoming stories! Arrival in T-1 days.

"Is this your hoard?" the princess asked.
The dragon beamed. "It is, and it is unique."
"Ooh 'The Hobbit'! And 'Beowulf' and 'Guards! Guards!'? Nice. And 'Loom', I haven't played that in ages. But, uh, lots of people collect books and films and games."
"These all have hoards."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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