Couple of spoiler images for what I'm doing in my 1.18.1 survival peceful world - the Great Glass Railway. Two shots from the railway under construction, looking back at The Manse, the Woodland Mansion that I was able to move into and use as a base. Two very different aesthetics based on time of day and distance.

@lyresdictionary The buggane, a cryptid native to Cornwall among other places, is legendarily hierophobic, attacking any religious icon or symbol regardless of the faith.

Building the item sorter in my new Aquatic world took a lot of prismarine brick, more than I was going to get from the gutting and internal wall removal I'd been doing on the monument I'm living in, so I went out to a distant one and tore it down for materials. Sorry I didn't get photos of the early stages when I took the roof and top floor off, but you do get to see cutaway views from later in the process.

@Rowyn This is why I play Minecraft in Survival mode at Peaceful difficulty. I need to get back to Stardew Valley at some point, haven't played it since the last round of content expansions.

@thesunshinesushi interestingly, "horseradish" is also a way of saying "gibberish". In some areas, instead of saying "it's all Greek to me", they say "this is horseradish". I used that in =1879=, where the Earthers referred to the written Saurid language as horseradish.

I just want to know how to add a row to an Excel spreadsheet in a Sharepoint web part, dammit. Videos are uncomfortable for me and waste too much time. Who do I have to perform oral sex on to get a damn tutorial with text and screenshots just getting to the fucking point?

video: WB 003, Sandhill to Bunker Station. Ride with me on a railway from a subway platform under a minehead to a secret station hidden under a hatch on the edge of the platform.

New video: WB 002, Homestead to Sandhill, beginning travels on the Bee Railway's southeast line. This video goes to Sandhill Mine, and tours the subway platform and the minehead.

This is the Overworld map for the v1.18 Aquatic world I'm running. It's unusual in that there are two mushroom biomes, which are rare, and they're in fairly close proximity. This means of course that I have two large islands of mooshrooms.

Here's the photos of the two underwater rail lines I built as experiments. Yes, that's an ocean monument next to them. That's where I live.

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It's possible to build a rail line underwater in . It's just annoying. The launcher must be in a dry space so that the button will stick to the redstone block. The minecart travels slowly regardless of how much powered rail it goes across. Seriously, I made a line that was all powered rail and I could have swum just as fast. For long distance travel, sprint swimming is still the best option, especially if I can pass by the occasional dolphin.

@noelle Shoot them! A lot!

Who said one more time? Only I say one more time!

: WB-001, a video touring the homestead, is now up at This video shows the apiary, workshop, alchemy shed, greenhouse, enchanting room, Nether portal chamber, farm, and train station. Next vid will start the rail journey.

I'm doing a series of videos touring the homestead and traveling one of the railways I've built in . I'll be putting up hopefully one vid a day for the next few, with each going from one station to the next and doing some touring. Due to Java memory constraints, I can only travel so far in a game world before I have to disconnect and let the server do garbage collection. This is new since 1.16.5 which would let me do a continuous rail journey of over 10,000 blocks.

Found the problem. Vendor let an activation file expire. They've supplied a new one and we're deploying it. Stores coming back online.

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@awmwrites Was your card misbehaving at other stores? If so, it's more likely the card. My issue started late last night.

Take cash if you're going to Walgreens. We're working on it, but we have a slowly spreading issue taking down card readers across the chain. Only the older ones, so if your store got shiny new PIN pads in the last couple months, they're good. The vendor is puzzled.

@SuricrasiaOnline you're familiar with Dr. Fern Riddell and her book, The Victorian Guide to Sex?

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