Three new photos on the Gallery today, of previous works that have sold. These could provide inspiration for a commission, and commissions are open hint hint. See the photos at

This is a nursing necklace, made of anodized aluminum and neoprene. It's something for tiny hands to grab and pull instead of Mommy's hair. Field testing shows they can survive up to three children. I just got a new testimonial, and would love to build more of these. I have to sell more of what I have in inventory before I can buy the rings needed.

New! long dangle earrings, in lightweight anodized and bright aluminum. Shorter version also available, click through to the shop!

The is in the mail. Got the receipt from my spouse late last night from her sending off multiple packages yesterday morning on the way into work, the snow having melted off enough we could finally get out of the subdivision. The tracking numbers were sent out this morning once I had enough caffeine to get my eyes to focus.

@rickwayne isn't "crisis capitalism" a theory already? I seem to recall having heard the phrase from an economist at some point. Certainly the current crisis is proving that bad times are good for capitalism, allowing the rich to squeeze the poor even harder and widen their margins. Most big corporations have disaster plans, not only to stay in business but to take advantage of the opportunity.

So I went ahead and made one of these. As usual, I will try to keep one in inventory at all times, so if it sells, check back later, I'll get it restocked. Stainless steel tennis bracelet with embedded rings.

Another from Touareg group Tinariwen I find myself digging Touareg music more the more of it I listen to.

Working on making one of these embedded bracelets after finding a photo of one while posting old stuff to my Ko-fi gallery.

Spent the morning taking new photos of my work and updating the shop. All the items now have better pix, and a few others as well.

So I found this site with like all the flags and now I'm looking at my palette and thinking about how many of them I could iterate through and these happened.

I'm opening up for commissions on a very limited basis. I'm trying to use up my current stock of rings as the resupply I'm slowly getting in will not match the dye lots. If you have an idea for a small item, a bracelet, a pair of earrings, now is the time to ask me about it. If I have the ring stock to make it, your commission will go into the queue. Those folks with pending orders, they'll ship as soon as we can get to the USPS, our subdivision is still snowed in.

Just finished building these genderqueer flag colors earrings. Suitable for anyone with earlobes.

Speaking of being productive, here's today's - a Byzantine weave bracelet in bright and anodized aluminum. As usual, I've made one and posted it. If it sells, I'll make another.

We put a rover on Mars. Can we rescue a floor loom from New York and deliver it to an autonomous zone in Chapel Hill NC, where there's people waiting to use it to clothe the anarchists and homeless folks?

If I did a pair of these and added pink, blue, silver, and bronze for the representational pride flag, would the additional rings go on the top end above the red, or at the bottom below the purple?

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