Couple of spoiler images for what I'm doing in my 1.18.1 survival peceful world - the Great Glass Railway. Two shots from the railway under construction, looking back at The Manse, the Woodland Mansion that I was able to move into and use as a base. Two very different aesthetics based on time of day and distance.

Building the item sorter in my new Aquatic world took a lot of prismarine brick, more than I was going to get from the gutting and internal wall removal I'd been doing on the monument I'm living in, so I went out to a distant one and tore it down for materials. Sorry I didn't get photos of the early stages when I took the roof and top floor off, but you do get to see cutaway views from later in the process.

This is the Overworld map for the v1.18 Aquatic world I'm running. It's unusual in that there are two mushroom biomes, which are rare, and they're in fairly close proximity. This means of course that I have two large islands of mooshrooms.

Here's the photos of the two underwater rail lines I built as experiments. Yes, that's an ocean monument next to them. That's where I live.

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I've added a nether wort crop in the Trees & Shrubs room, replacing the existing dirt and dark oak saplings with soul sand and wort retrieved from a recent Nether expedition. There's also two sections where I'm putting botanical specimens as I collect species, but only one is full so far.

Of course I built an item sorter. I've gutted three rooms on the second floor for the space needed, although I haven't extended into the third just yet.

I am truly impressed with the revisions of the subterranean algorithms in .This is serious pulp adventure cavern stuff, and the features are much more realistically structured. Here's four views from a recent explore of mine.

I started a 1.18.1 world to see what the new features look like, now that I can play versions past 1.16.5, and spawned very close to a woodland mansion. Since I'd launched the world in Peaceful mode, I moved in. Why build a stronghold when there's a ready-made megastructure already there? Added a lot of lighting, and now I'm renovating, sometimes just touching up a room, sometimes emptying one out for my own purposes.

I have been given this inkwell stand (mad3 in India) by spouse's parents who have a vague idea that I write. Ink obviously goes into the two wells. What goes in the little dugout area with the rectangular hinged lid? Sand or absorbent dust? I've put a Venetian glass pen in what looks like a pen tray area at the front, does that look right? I've never had to deal with one of these before, no idea how to set it up and use it. Help?

I have this choker / pectoral, been in my inventory for many years. It's 19 inches long plus clasp. I never did another piece with the black triangle symbol because it was apparently just too obscure. Is there anyone out there who a) knows what this is, b) is qualified to wear it, and c) interested in doing so?

OK, I don't usually do photo reposts from Wastebook here, but Ali Elhossiny put up something magical.

I found the ship embedded in the gravel at the top of a conjunction of two crevasses. Here it is excavated, then after the removal was completed.

Two pics of a village that extends well out into the water. There's a farmer, a mason, and three leather workers. The village nitwit refuses to connect to the work site in the cartographer's house so there's no cartographer. Thinking about making some adjustments so that this village is one I can trade with.

comic panel, mild violence 

I'm getting all verklempt over this panel from WWB&G#1. This is the Etta Candy that I know and love, throwing herself straight into mayhem with a pocketful of sweets and a joyous Woo woo! This is a woman who gives no fucks and takes no prisoners, who lives for the moment and has an attitude bigger than any room she's in. I was so disappointed with Etta in the WW movie.

Four shots of a ruin cluster, with one outlying building tucked partly into a hillside. I later went back and disassembled this for the decorative stone.

Just two pics today, a before and after of a shipwreck removal. This is where I'm getting all the wood for all those chests to build the item sorter. Going on land and cutting trees is kind of difficult for a water breather.

2/3 Building the fourth row of silos for the underwater item sorter There is no 3 of 3 because I dropped two of the screenshots as redundant.

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