Japanese hexagonal weave stainless steel scrubber for your cast iron not only cleans your skillet efficiently, it looks nice hanging up in your kitchen!

I'm still fascinated with the combination of bronze and green, and playing with the full Persian weave and the new rings I got in, so I made these.

unboxing 2/2 the rest of the rings that came in and I should have the storage boxes later today to be able to open the bags and get them properly stowed and then start setting up some yes I'm being excited about setting up rings it's kind of stimming maybe with the repetitive precise actions

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rings unboxing 1/2 my package from Ring Lord arrived today and I have restock on a type I was low on and four that I was out of and I'm kind of excited

This is a nursing necklace, made of anodized aluminum and neoprene. It's something for tiny hands to grab and pull instead of Mommy's hair. Field testing shows they can survive up to three children. I just got a new testimonial, and would love to build more of these. I have to sell more of what I have in inventory before I can buy the rings needed.

New! long dangle earrings, in lightweight anodized and bright aluminum. Shorter version also available, click through to the shop! ko-fi.com/s/8e615802d8

So I went ahead and made one of these. As usual, I will try to keep one in inventory at all times, so if it sells, check back later, I'll get it restocked. Stainless steel tennis bracelet with embedded rings. ko-fi.com/s/6c7c876279

Working on making one of these embedded bracelets after finding a photo of one while posting old stuff to my Ko-fi gallery. ko-fi.com/andrewragland/galler

If I did a pair of these and added pink, blue, silver, and bronze for the representational pride flag, would the additional rings go on the top end above the red, or at the bottom below the purple?

This afternoon's - a full Persian bangle bracelet in white neoprene and leaf red anodized aluminum

Just finished this bracelet while stuck on a bridge call for the daygig. It's 18 gauge anodized aluminum in 3/16" rings, 16 gauge in 5/16" rings, and neoprene in 16 gauge 5/16" rings, in a slight variation on the Celtic Visions weave. This is not listed on my Ko-fi shop, but it's available for US$20 plus shipping.

Today's practice piece, as I work to relearn the weaves and get my hands back in shape. Full Persian stretchy bangle bracelet in bright aluminum and alternating pink and blue neoprene. If I were to place this on offer in my Ko-fi shop, how many would I need in inventory before turning on the listing?


The one and only gallery show I've ever had of my work, in Floyd, Virginia. Nothing sold. Since then, one of the lanterns was traded to a friend. The rest are still in inventory.

Today's : The Jeffries Nethergate Containment Facility, named after Matt Jeffries because the end product looked like one of his set designs.

2021-01-23: Today's : I found 2 pair of these rainbow earrings in my inventory, and don't have the rings to make more, so I'm posting them directly instead of on my Ko-fi shop. They're $8 per pair postpaid in the contiguous USA, others DM for shipping quote. CashApp $tarlimanjoppos PayPal andrew.ragland@gmail.com

Today's : St Germans station on the Level 11 Subway. This is the last station before Terminus, in the Badlands.

The finished prototype Japanese 12 into 2 stainless steel skillet scrubber, with a chrome plated split ring for hanging it up next to your sink.

The start of a prototype Japanese 12 into 2 hexagonal skillet scrubber. Now I need to set up more small rings to be able to finish it.

Trying to figure this out. has paid subscribers, and I believe in the story, so I'm continuing to write it. The novel is being a challenge in several ways. I don't know if my skills are equal to my ambition, but I need to try anyway. has no paid subscribers, but has had a nice Ko-fi contribution. This is effectively material, which is easy for me to write. Balancing the two off and deciding where to put today's effort is being difficult.

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