The moving sale has begun. I have added the first three items to my Ko-fi shop and reopened it at I will continue adding items, box by box, until I run out of stuff I already have photographed. This may take a couple of days, so the stock will change over time. No modifications are possible, sorry, all items sold as-is. I am not taking commissions at this time.

Eight necklaces (nine if you count that one has a variant color scheme available) have been posted, along with more bracelets. I have a lot of bracelets and earrings. Going to take a break, then post Pride stuff after Eurovision. (I have to watch a delayed replay because of the daygig, so please no spoilers.)

I don't have proper photos of the red and black dress collar, and am not going to dig out the gear and set it up. But I'm rather pleased with the way this turned out. It's listed as a variant under the purple and gold one.

Posted five Full Persian bangles, three rainbow variants, one pansexual, one genderfluid. Superheroes going up next while I'm in the Full Persian bangle bag.

Six more now up - Green Lantern, Batman, the Flash, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and the Hulk. I'm done for the night. Going to go see if Peacock has the Eurovision replay up yet, still managed to avoid knowing the outcome but not easy, thanks for the CWs folks.

Five Moebius pride bracelets just went up, two trans solid, one trans swirly, one bi pride, and one rainbow.

@WanderingBeekeeper I was just about to ask! I tried emailing about this potential sale the other day!

@WanderingBeekeeper Hmm. Two bracelets I'm coveting so far. Let's hope you've already sold off all the chokers ... :ms_sweat_smile:

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