For the record: This is the last mention of my shops I will post on the Fedi. We made the lease payment, thank you. I am still retiring. My vision and hands are both going. Due to Etsy requiring payment per listing, the Going out of Business sale will end on December 31 when the last listing expires. Jan 1, I will close both shops permanently.

@WanderingBeekeeper Oh good, I thought I had missed the closure while waiting for paycheck. Thanks for making holiday treats for knitting friends, I love the stitch markers and will give more to people who will also get a kick out of them. :blobcatheart:

@WanderingBeekeeper Happy you managed to make your lease payment.

Sorry to hear about the rest :(

@WanderingBeekeeper Thank you for your creations over the years. Though my purchases were small, they gave me (and my child, who loves them!) joy and it was a treat just looking at these lovely items on my dash. I'm very glad you made the payment and hope you can go on to enjoy more comfort and stability in life than ever. You deserve it, friend.

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