Today's ! Clearance Item! Bracelet, HP3-1, Blue & Stainless! Blue anodized aluminum and stainless steel in 18g 3/16" rings in the Half Persian 3 into 1 weave. Measures 7" plus clasp and safety chain.

@WanderingBeekeeper looks awesome. If only i had a way to secretly measure my Girlfriends neck...

@Capheind What I can do, if you're of a mind for a choker, is make a standard length, and if it needs adjustment, just ship it back and I'll take care of it.

Beyond that, maybe wrap your hand about halfway round when being close, and then measure the distance on your hand and double it?

@WanderingBeekeeper lol sorry, i totally missed that it was a bracelet at first.

@Capheind Actually not that big of a deal. Just a matter of extending the weave.

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