Is anybody doing crafting Jitsi meets or something like that these days? I could hang out for a while and build maille if there's someone who wants to do some kind of Maker activity at the same time. Kind of a virtual Makerspace or something, I dunno. It's been a long week.

OK, based on the number of boosts I'm seeing to the idea, I'm going to schedule a Jitsi meet / virtual Makerspace for this coming Saturday, 13 March 2021, starting at 16:00 CT. If you're interested, DM me and I'll set up a list for who to DM the link to when I open the meeting. I'll be unboxing my ring shipment, assuming it's arrived, doing some set-up, and working on whatever I have the rings to build. Bring your knitting or whatever.

@WanderingBeekeeper #CircusInPlace runs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which often has crafting and general hangouts in addition to acrobatics :)

@WanderingBeekeeper oh heck yeah, come be with us sometime in #CircusInPlace. The conversation is varied and the people are good. They go really late, so don't think you've missed it.

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