low tech tips for cold weather survival 

Gleaned from being homeless, winter camping and historical examples of pre-central heating cultures.

- Pile all the people together in one small room and close off all the others. Heat the room with body heat! Tell stories to keep morale up.

- Use a bed warmer. Pour hot water in a metal canteen, wrap in a towel. Put it in your bed by your stomach to keep core warm.

- Eat a night snack. Calories will keep you warm.

- Make a bed tent with a sheet...

low tech tips for cold weather survival 

..There was a reason people used four poster beds. It creates a small microclimate you heat with your body. This really works! In some tipi using cultures a bed tent was called an ozan.

-Buddy system. Two or more bodies in a bed will keep hypothermia away and allow for a good nights sleep.

- Dress in layers! Wool is great! Layer your bedding, too, this traps more air, which is insulating. Don't forget your sleeping cap!

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low tech tips for cold weather survival 

@ewankeep wear socks to bed. People forget how much heat they lose through their feet. Keep an airspace below the mattress if you can. You lose heat through conduction if the mattress is in contact with the floor or ground. Don't use an air mattress, the cold will cause it to deflate overnight.

low tech tips for cold weather survival 

@WanderingBeekeeper @ewankeep tucking long pj pants into your socks goes a long way for keeping warm, too!

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