Anyone want to make an offer on a Hyrulean Eagle maille inlay? I have this just kind of laying around. That's a Nintendo DS Lite next to it for scale.

@socketwench given that it took me a solid month to build, I'd like to get a bit more than that if I can.

@socketwench This is a banner of 32 columns and 106 rows, including inlay work. That's 32 plus 33 for the offset lower rings of the row times 106 for a total of 6890 rings. At a penny and a half per ring, to cover materials costs and given that a sizable percentage of the rings are anodized, which raises the price, comes out to US$103.35. I'm in dire financial straights, so I'll waive completely the person-hours of labor that went into it, and ask for a reserve of $100.

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