You know what's funny? All these news anchors going on about how doobies mean drugs and that's baaaad. How many of them do you think are heading out after the camera switches off to the staircase to score one themselves? Yeah, I find that funny.


@ideasmithy part of the problem comes from thinking of them as journalists. They're not; they're presenters. They're paid to read the script that's handed to them. The actor is not responsible for the lines, only the delivery. The writers? Yeah, they've got some brass ones writing about how drugs are bad after doing a couple lines.

@WanderingBeekeeper A lot of them think of themselves as journalists and play the media card when it is convenient. And as an adult professional, they do bear some moral responsibility for what they say and do.

@ideasmithy I believe your second point is the more important, as the first is only invoked when convenient. We all bear responsibility for our actions, and, just like a cop bears the moral baggage of having chosen to become a licensed oppressor, so do the anchors bear the responsibility of being liars.

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