A month ago, I offered free editorial services, with priority given to bipoc, lgbtia+, and similar marginalized people. Nobody has taken me up on it, but the offer still stands. I'm a technical writer with a thirty year career, and a ttrpg author and book editor with twenty years of publications across multiple companies. Please help me find relevance by helping you.

@amphetamine if it's constructive, yes, but be aware that you're addressing someone who's bipolar and already severely depressed over being useless.

@WanderingBeekeeper well the good news is, I have a feeling it's constructive. I was thinking that a lot of folks might not even know how to get to a place where they need an editor, but you also sound like you have experience with the other things required to establish a writing career. what if you offered advice or mentorship in those areas too?

@amphetamine I don't have anything useful to say in that regard. In thirty years of writing and publishing, I've yet to discover how to get feedback on my work. It's impossible to consider playing to an empty theater being successful, even if tickets were sold. Better to find a mentor who's actually got an audience; I don't have one.

@WanderingBeekeeper personally I'd still have interest in your story. I feel like there'd be some nuggets in there. I'm not looking for this kind of career or advice, but if I were, I think I'd get something out of a conversation with you.

@WanderingBeekeeper I think the problem is people without spare money rarely will think of writing something that needs of a professional editor

@efi I specifically asked people who were writing pamphlets and other materials for the protests and the revolution to consider me. This offer is not restricted to writing for pay.

@WanderingBeekeeper I don't know if those would require an editor, but if they do, maybe there's bipoc and queer editors already doing that

@efi for the record, I'm queer. But yeah, I'm 57 and cis male and white, and will stop stinking up the timeline now. My apologies.

@WanderingBeekeeper I didn't say you're doing anything worng, just that your expectations may be misplaced
I might be wrong, too

@WanderingBeekeeper I guess I’m like, what are you seeing this offering as? what sort of help would you be providing?

@aurynn I'm a professional editor. I can guide you to producing a much better, more impactful work, that gets your message across. Or I can just copy edit for spelling and grammar. Your choice.

@WanderingBeekeeper like for my biz blog, since I feel like I’m struggling with useful communication there

@aurynn send me the URL of your blog and I'll run through your latest post.

@aurynn I'm up to Capacity Planning. I'll send you a Dropbox link to the ODT file when I'm done. Taking a few to play a day of Stardew Valley before diving back in :).


First of all, I love your name. My project's name means honey in Greek! I have a small bit of documentation written and it wouldn't hurt having another person to through it I guess

I'm dysthymic since at least childhood, so I can relate a bit. Doing stuff (anything) is the only thing that helps 🙃

@epilys I'll run this to an odt file for commenting and send you a Dropbox link when I'm done. Be aware that my comments may be terse and imperative, as there's a value in and necessity of brevity in editorial commentary. On first glance, I do like that you're using graphic key caps embedded in the text. This is a style choice that I really wish more technical authors followed.

Thank you. I don't really mind about it, be free to express yourself.

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