Venafi is a thing, people. There is no excuse for having an outage due to an expired cert. No excuse at all.

Has anybody seen the movies Kaithi and Vikram? Are they as much copaganda as they look? Friend is wanting me to see them but I'm a little dubious.

Jennie Redteeth hates London, hates humans, wants to be a badger, or become a bog witch and live in a tarn that humans don't go into. Loading for a bakery wagon is night work and keeps her from having to deal with people much. Her real surname is Thickett but nobody's called her that since she was twelve.

I missed a post when I was collecting. The story is 38,000 words.

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I went back and captured the content from my Actual Play: New York blog entries when I was doing =1879=, partly so I had a copy of the work, partly because I wanted to look back through it. That's 36,000 words of story. I wonder if anyone ever read it.

Ahmed Alshaiba, a very talented musician, doing a cover of Amr Diab's Nour El Ein on the oud.

Saw a guy in the grocery parking lot with a t-shirt that said Thanks But No Thanks.


Dryer is functional. Cousin came over and wired it up for us. Now to get the utility room light and the porch light sorted out.

housekeeping tonight, now that my instance is back up and I have device sync. One day I hope to have a paid instance that does not go down for extended periods over the weekends like the free ones do. Henry is short for Henrietta. Her family are Mancunians, and she lives in London and wears pants, and that's about as much about that as she wants to say. The rest is kind of obvious anyway. And got a while new subplot with a former circus strongman showing up.

The dryer wiring is color coded. The replacement cable is not. I do not know which lead goes to which terminal. Dammit I'm going to have to hire someone to come put this dryer in for me.

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Anybody recommend a handyperson website where I can hire someone to come put in this damn dryer so we can have clean laundry? I've been at it for three hours now and am stopped by the damn outlet and lack of knowledge of 220 electrical engineering.

I am not qualified to install a dryer. However, I am the only person available to do this. Fuck fuck fuck.No it isn't going well at all. Took me 15 minutes to get the damn exhaust hose on, and then when I had to turn the machine to get at the power cord, that yanked the exhaust hose off the dryer and out of the wall.

Ugh, went for a brief walk. Tennessee feels like Singapore, 90 degrees and 90% humidity. I'm not built for this.

Here's the original version. The one my father had tacked up in the garage had been revised a bit as it got passed around, as such things do. The original could certainly do with an edit by someone who understands formal English a bit better.

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Now if I could just find the fool dustpan so I can clean up around the catbox ...

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Going to make one more try to hook up the dryer today, hoping that we finally have all the necessary parts and tools and such. Got the breaker off. Have to test the new cord in the ancient outlet to make sure it fits, then put the new cord on the dryer and replace the existing four-pin plug with an antique three-pin one so it'll fit the outlet in the cabin. Waiting for someone else to be up. Work not alone, says the Ten Commandments for Field Service Engineers, for electrical cooking is slow.

Revised my kitchen, where I'm working on the Pam's Harvestcraft "cook all recipes" challenge. I now have a Jetsons kitchen, running 95% on the three screens, one a crafting terminal where I make the recipes, the other two the pattern and interface terminals where I set up automated tasks for keeping the salt and butter refilled. I'm now doing new recipes way faster and don't have to stop to make salt every three dishes. The system will make dough and bake bread in a matter of seconds.

We have scattered thunderstorms predicted for the next ten days. This is not normal.

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