the only abortion clinic in kentucky that does surgical abortions and one of the only black-owned clinics in the county was damaged and possibly looted on the 30th; they're still open and seeing patients, but you can donate to help them with repairs here:

I'm on Snopes today talking about the "DC blackout" trending topic across several social network sites. It seemed to me to be a fairly complex operation spreading disinformation on all sides of the topic, entirely meant to sow discord. I even interviewed some of the people who got swept up in it for my research.

Consider donating to the Okra Project, a grassroots crew that fights food insecurity among black trans folks:

mh - 

Definitions belong to the definers, not the defined. TONI MORRISON

Let's focus on some individual funds today~
Turi needs some help for secure housing. Let's get this lovely lady a safe place to sleep.

Someone suggested we support individuals today, and I think that we should all start with Artist Marcia X, @ArtistMarciaX ,
who's not only taught just me a lot, but a lot of other people too.

The Go Fund Me for their PhD will be at the bottom. They are more than half way there already, and we could finish that off today, easy.

If you're curious about what kind of work they do outside of here? Check out their website


police brutality, David McAtee 

begpost, asking for financial help 

Is it just me, or did the festering shitgibbon just declare civil war and/or martial law?

the okra project is currently taking donations and pledging $15,000 to the creation of mental health recovery funds in honor of the deaths of Nina Pop and Tony McDade.

(link to thread)

(link to donate)

(link to their main site which explains their work which includes grocery funds and cooking education for black trans people.)

Guessing they thought they could avoid too much notcie with all else going on but fuck the EPA leadership and fuck Trump

Really enjoyed this story from a "reluctant" indigenous gardener:

"We live in the country, a long skinny property one acre wide and eight acres deep. It backs onto a wetland, a swamp, mshkeg. You go through the meadow grass of our yard to the thicket and find a deer run. Follow that across a stream and over a small berm and the forest opens up to you in all its swampy beauty. We used to call it Narnia because in the winter you can see the faint lights of our neighbours on the other side of the forest.

To most people it is a wetland, a forest filled with vernal pools and tall grasses, trees and low shrubs. To my son it is a garden. He tends the nettles and raspberry bushes, brings home ramps and the leaves from toad lilies, burdock root that he worried had been crowding out the nettles and turned out to be edible. He experiments with controlled burning of the meadow to see if it helped the wild strawberries threading their way through the grass. It does.

Starting in late winter and then through spring and early summer last year I went out to the swamp every week or so. I harvested the nettles, eventually getting so used to them that the sting barely registered. I ate the raspberries that I could find; the birds got most of them. I remembered to bring candy and silver and small bits of leather and sinew, gifts for the little people. One day I found a small jawbone on the path, a gift maybe. Summer gave way to fall and the green gave way to gold and orange and red before getting tucked into its snowy blanket for a rest.

Europe colonized itself before it came to America. It separated peasants from land and separated people from the each other. It turned its hunger on the Americas, a wendigo so hungry that it consumes its own lips if there is nothing else for it to eat. We feed it because we don’t know how else to live, and so we live disconnected lives watching the seasons change through windows, marking the seasons by what we complain about."

Misinformation on the "#dcblackout" Twitter trend in DC, please boost. 

#BREAKING: Last night, David "Yaya" McAtee, the owner of a local BBQ stand, was killed in #Lousiville #Kentucky as police officers and the national guard opened fire on a crowd just after midnight. #GeorgeFloyd

Anybody hearing anything from Washington DC? Ominous silence.

Boost if you can. Demand justice for Tony McDade, a black trans man who was shot five times in the back by a Tallahassee police officer.

Tulsa, OK protests 

Queer people of color are the reason pride is even a thing. Too many gays forget that.

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