I'm also less and less enthused with TCS. I've gotten to a second interview with them for 2 different positions in the last month, and both times they ghosted me after the 2nd interview. Not even a form letter to tell me they picked someone else. Rude as fuck.

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Recruiter dude: If you're not willing to tell me what the pay rate is, then it's obviously so low you're ashamed of it, and I'm not interested in the position. Tell me about the pay rate and whether medical insurance benefits* are included up front or we're done talking.
*I will not work for anyone in the USA without medical insurance being part of the compensation package. You want that to change, lobby for tax-funded universal care.

The latest release of Opera does not launch. Took a little doing to figure out what the problem is. There's an ffmpeg codec issue and some library issues. You can either recompile it, or you can run a couple of scripts from github.com/Ld-Hagen/fix-opera- which I did after reading through the scripts in the repo. Opera now launches. Seems problematic that they released a stable update that won't launch without a codec fix.

My base in the Aquatic world I'm playing. I started with a natural cave opening off the bottom of a crevasse, and have left much of the original structure, just cleaning up the edges and putting in floor, walls, ceiling, lighting. I now have an enchanting pit. This is my first architectural feature that actively makes use of being underwater to ignore things like stairways.

underwater item sorter in my Aquatic world. This was an engineering challenge. I had to enclose the machinery area and dry it out, so I can only work in there for a couple of minutes at a time, but can still swim up to the chests.

One more post from the aquatic world I'm playing: This series shows the crevasse where I'm living, the greenhouse, and the livestock pens.

This is the Overworld map for my aquatic game. Because the signposts extend up to the surface, the sea lanterns are visible from above the water, and form a grid on the map. The plus sign is where my base is.

underwater navigation: I've set up a grid of one-block columns, spaced 80 blocks apart, with sea lanterns atop. I'm converting them from cobblestone to granite as I mine enough stone, because red is easier to see underwater than grey. The lanterns point the direction toward my base.

Speaking of - I've solved a number of puzzles and challenges in the aquatic game. Pics to follow, but I've got a greenhouse, livestock, and mining going. I've got navigational beacons that show up as grid markers on the map in Unmined. Next up, trying to build an item sorter underwater.

Superhero Bracelet - Batman! Based on the classic color scheme from the 1940s, this stretchy bangle features deep royal blue against black neoprene, with bright yellow behind black for the Bat symbol. buff.ly/2WjWWGc

- The Kryptonians! Red neoprene and blue anodized aluminum replicate the suit and cape colors, with a bit of bright yellow for the House of El symbol. buff.ly/3jPdqxP

, Yellow & Green, Variant 02! Yellow neoprene & green anodized aluminum, Full Persian weave. Rolls on over your hand, stays on your wrist. buff.ly/2UwLlCR

Very big day yesterday, marking our 33rd wedding anniversary. Went to Chattanooga, to Ruby Falls to see the underground waterfall, to Mayan Kitchen for dinner, and to the Tivoli for the Monkees farewell tour. Exhausted and kind of hurty today but it was worth it.

- Iron Man! Inspired by Tony Stark's armor, this slightly stretchy bangle features brilliant gold anodized aluminum paired with red neoprene. buff.ly/3dtbuYv

New ! The Kindness of Caderwilly: Location & Situation! 651 words on how people adapt when an attempt to settle unclaimed land doesn't go well. Systemless worldbook for source or in a world with four physical sexes and magically enforced karma. wanderingbeekeeper.itch.io/ant

The Origins mod for has given me a whole new approach to the game. It's not just some mods to game mechanics that make my character aquatic. It revises style of play. I have to rethink how I'm mining to keep the passage flooded, how I'm navigating, and marking my routes and locations. I have to get used to a new way of moving in three dimensions. Today will be largely about farming and getting the cave I holed up in turned into a decent home, and learning how to swim.

Superhero Bracelet - The Flash! This stretchy bangle features matte red anodized aluminum against bright red neoprene, with a lance of gold across white for the lightning-bolt symbol. buff.ly/3B6SeKz

Does anyone know of a Minecraft mod to turn the player character aquatic? No drowning, but suffocation in air, potions of air breathing, etc. There would have to be a safer way of getting wood to start with other than sunken ships. Those are way dangerous, with trident throwing undead swimming around.

Purse, E6-1 Bright, Red Trim! Maille in Euro 6-1, 16g 5/16" bright aluminum trimmed in red anodized aluminum rings and scales. Body is 8" x 5", with Euro 4-1 flap closure. Strap is 48" HP4-1. buff.ly/2Wpm9i2

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