oh yeah i never posted about this, cause im not posting on here that much now, but i wrote a full TTRPG that i just released on itch yesterday, and it'll be on sale until like i have a job or something. check it out if that interests you

Help request, lost job and need to pay rent. Boosts + 

Fuck cops, but not in the fun way. Bash the fash. Return stolen land. Listen to people who don't look or sound like you. Remember the paradox of tolerance. Check your sources. Unionize your workplace, and strike if the bosses try to stop you. Learn to fix your own things instead of buying replacements.

People only need jobs because survival is a subscription service under capitalism and actually living is downloadable content with microtransactions. Compost the rich. :anarchy: :gay_communism:

US history, podcast recommendation 

Asking For Rent Help 

09/08/20: Originally US$20 plus shipping, now US$15 shipping included in contiguous USA. Neoprene gives a no-latex, no phthalates stretchiness, contrasted by gleaming bronze anodized aluminum. Made by yours truly. $tarlimanjoppos Paypal DM for additional details and shipping address

Imagine a world where getting your eyebrows shaved off and this tattooed in their place gives you permanent night vision.
By Sbrools - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

This is cool: Due to cutbacks due to COVID on city parks, they don't have the peoplepower to high-maintenance flowers.

So they are growing vegetables to help feed the people out of work! The seeds are donated from a gift shop's excess stock, so people are getting stuff like black tomatoes, kale and other cool stuff.

2: Carrots & Parsnips is under way. I am telling two intertwined stories, that of the vegetables themselves, their origins, cultivars, culinary considerations, &c., and of Master Thomas, the SCA scholar and master chef who I am pretty sure was the one who first told me about this, the story of my trying to re establish contact with a learned man I once knew, and see if I can confirm a memory and persuade him to please share his research. wanderingbeekeeper.neocities.o

"In the United States, less than ten per cent of doctoral programs in philosophy have anyone on staff who teaches Chinese philosophy. Less than five per cent have anyone who teaches Indian or African philosophy. And only two doctoral programs in in the USA have anyone who teaches the philosophy of the indigenous people of the Americas."

From ‘Racist attitudes 'whitewashed' modern philosophy. What can be done to change it?’:

TL;DR: Capitalism sucks, burn it down and scatter the ashes.

I logged on at quarter after twelve this afternoon to help a coworker out. Poor guy had been on an outage call for 27 hours and needed a nap. Of course I'll help out, took the call for a few hours while he got some rest. About the time I'm going to get away from the keyboard and salvage some of my Saturday, I get pulled into another outage and it's still going five hours later. I don't get paid for overtime. I don't get comp time. My dayjob has eaten my Saturday and I will get no recompense.

COVID-19, edu, school violence 

08/08/20: Formerly US$10/pr, now US$12/any 2 pr from any listing, free shipping in contiguous USA. Surgical steel earwires, various body metals. All handmade by me. DM for questions / details. $tarlimanjoppos or PayPal

Since nobody is using the forum at fediwritingworkshop.freeforums I am going to close it. I'll leave it up for one more week to see if this message prompts any interest.

As news of the new film about the brutal FBI + police assassination of Black Panther leader Fred Hampton makes the rounds let us remember - the FBI today considers #BlackLivesMatter 'Black Identity Extremists' and has an "Iron Fist" program designed to 'disrupt' the movement.

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