The Outline for Jack Hollow now has an endpoint. I've got the plot arcs built out well enough that the Outline is now assembled end to end. There's some bits that haven't been bolted on yet, but the primary superstructure is all there. Don't get used to it, the midsection is going to have a merge of its upper and lower bits as Jack's paths to becoming a Geomancer and becoming a union organizer are intertwined.

The current framework that the elderly will/should be cared for by their own biological offspring as opposed to chosen family or fairly-compensated caretakers is SUCH a bad idea for so many reasons

1. Not all elderly people have biological children, especially lgbt elders
2. Not all adult biological children are able to do caretaking work
3. Not all adult biological children can be trusted to do ethical caretaking work
4. Forcing adult survivors of child abuse to care for their abusers in old age is ripe for abuse in either direction
5. By default, adult daughters tend to get stuck doing unpaid caretaking of their parents while the adult sons do nothing
6. The organization of society into self-contained family units, especially nuclear families, disincentivizes people from caring for anyone outside their family, cementing class hierarchies and increasing elderly people’s isolation and loneliness

I’m sure there’s more

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So the free KoFi shop allows only 20 items. I'll give it a few days and start rotating the stock. It's US$6 a month for Ko-Fi Gold and I can't justify that at this time. Neither Ko-Fi, nor the LiberaPay I put up on my blog site with the recipes and history articles, has generated any steady income, and thus no paid account.

The FBI has sent out a security warning about increased Trickbot and Ryuk attacks on hospitals and health care facilities. This should be taken seriously. I'm in the middle of a cyber attack on 5 customers right now. Who profits from attacking hospital IT right now, ask yourself that.


There's now 16 items in my Ko-Fi shop and I'm just through the necklaces that already had photos. I've got a few to photograph, if I can figure out what to use for a display bust, and bracelets, and purses, and ... this is going to take a while.

I now have a Ko-Fi shop for my . There's only one item there right now, this one, but I'll be adding more throughout the day.

23/10/20: phone bill still a problem because of previous disconnection fees. Window hanging circular ornament, 5" macrame ring supporting five triangles of Euro 4-1 in purple, blue, and green, connecting at the apex to a ring of half persian 3-1 in purple and blue splined with Euro 4-1 in smaller green rings. US$25 includes shipping in contiguous USA, others DM for details. PayPal $tarlimanjoppos

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28/10/20: phone bill more than we can pay due to previous disconnect charges. Bracelets, first 7" half persian 3-1 in 18g 3/16" blue anodized aluminum and stainless steel with a slip hook, second 6.5" Euro 4-1 in 20g 5/32" jewellers brass with a D ring clasp, third 7.5" half byzantine in 18g 3/16" stainless steel. US$10 each or all three for US$25, includes shipping in contiguous USA, others DM for details. PayPal CashApp $tarlimanjoppos

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27/10/20: phone bill is $1040 because of reconnection fees. Bracelets, 7 inch full persian in 20g 3/16" phosphor bronze, 6 and a half inch byzantine in anodized aluminum, purple over orange, and a 7 inch half persian three into one in 18g 3/16" jewellers brass. US$10 each or all three for $25, includes shipping in contiguous USA, others DM for details. PayPal $tarlimanjoppos

Sending this out without a CW for better exposure of my writing.

Pipian Rojo con Pollo, as made by the Old White Hippie, a traditional Mexican dish of meat simmered in a sauce made of ground-up cushaw seeds and peppers.

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US healthcare enrollment 

a LOT of people were arrested last night after a standoff with police in West Philly. Earlier in the evening, the PPD murdered 27 year old Walter Wallace Jr. They shot him 10 times in front of his mother and other pleading neighbors. burn it down.

good time to donate to the philly bail fund if you can

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