It's funny to me how the dwarrowdelf is coming to resemble Throal, from Earthdawn. Here's a multiple-person discussion going at a hallway intersection, a common traffic problem in Throal, occurring here, as art imitates art. Or something. If you build a dwarrowdelf, they will have public arguments and block up the halls.

The dwarrowdelf now has an Arcane Studies facility. I did the walls and roof of the approach tunnel and interiors in polished blackstone brick, the roof of the working rooms in dark prismarine, and added protective runes at each threshold with magenta glazed terracotta.

Today's ! New item! Purse, E6-1 Bright, Red Trim! Maille purse in Euro 6-1, a dense weave with no gaps but less flexible than Euro 4-1, 16g 5/16" bright aluminum trimmed in red anodized aluminum rings and scales. Body is 8" x 5", with Euro 4-1 flap closure. Strap is 48" HP4-1.

Today's ! New item! Choker, Bronze, E4-1! 14 inch choker in phosphor bronze, 18g 3/16" rings, Euro 4 into 1 weave. Barrel clasp.

Yes, the daygig has me up at this hour. I put in a farm in the dwarrowdelf and fixed the shrine. I've started adding villagers. They seem to be okay with subterranean life, although they all go sleep in the guard barracks because those are the closest beds.

The dwarrowdelf shrine, as previously discussed. I'm having to move the lava spills further from the hammer haft for obvious reasons, but here's the shrine as it is now.


What happens as an increasing percentage of the population are COVID survivors, with ongoing cognitive issues such as forgetfulness and executive dysfunction? Some of them having language issues on top of all that? How do we deal with a mass onset of ADD? What does that do to our societies, our cultures, our various ways of life? Will the existing neuroatypical have to provide some kind of leadership for the newly NA?

Today's continues the dwarrowdelf, with a pub, the start of the living spaces, and an update to the forge chamber. 1/2

Today's ! New item! Purse, E4-1 Bright, Purple Trim! Maille purse in Euro 4-1, 16g 5/16" bright aluminum trimmed in purple anodized aluminum rings and scales. Body is 8" x 5", with flap closure. Strap is 32" HP4-1.

: Skip week due to technical debt at the daygig client. Sorry, folks, but capitalist hellworld demands I put in unpaid overtime on the weekends to keep my job. No for me. Next!

One more post. I've started turning the big tunnel leading down out of the Great Crevasse into a sort of promenade. Here's its first shop.

Four of six pictures of the Forge Keeper's chambers from the dwarrowdelf I'm building. There's two more in the next post.

I've been on a very long bridge call stretching way into the evening. As a result, I've done a lot of . Here's more of the dwarrowdelf I'm building. I'm generally using smooth stone for the floors, as I like the gridwork appearance I get.

The first few WIP shots of the dwarrowdelf, showing the elevator shaft I sank where I spawned, resulting in it going down the side of an underground crevasse, the beginnings of the first forge, and the guardroom at the entrance.

Today's ! New item! Snowflake Pendant V1! Purple anodized aluminum on one side, Yellow on the other, and bright silver in the middle join with black connectors in the Helm Chain weave for a symbolic flower pendant.

Korea politics 

@ljwrites is the subject of An San and anti feminist backlash one you're willing to comment on?

Today's ! New item! Bracelet, HP4-1, Bronze! Phosphor bronze in 18g 1/4" rings in the Half Persian 4 into 1 weave makes a solid statement. 8" plus lobster claw and safety chain.

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