What projects should I be building?

Today's ! Are these rude, or just produce? You decide! Glass miniature eggplants finish a pair of delicate stainless steel (there's a phrase!) in the roundmaille weave. Surgical steel French wires. buff.ly/2PmVtvu

Today's ! Anodized and bright aluminum carry the colors of the Nonbinary flag in these extended dangle . The French wires are surgical steel. buff.ly/31IBYzW

New ! Today it's Power Structures of Glaucharkh, including writeups on three of the clan leaders and some details on what their clans do. No paywall or source material! wanderingbeekeeper.itch.io/ant

Today's ! Black and gold anodized aluminum in 20 gauge 1/4" rings orbit each other in the Apollo weave in these short dangle . French wires are surgical steel. buff.ly/2PRPjTM

Cancer, begpost 

Friend of mine is selling a bunch of his gaming stuff to cover medical bills of another friend who has liver cancer due to radiation exposure. Details at link. ebay.com/sch/gothstuff777/m.ht

I also have better photos up for the Trans Pride V2 and Pansexual Pride bangles.

Bunch of new stuff added to the shop, and queued for auto-post on Birbsite and Wastebook later this week, including these new earring designs. ko-fi.com/andrewragland/shop

The has achieved another milestone. The realtor has confirmed the pickup date. We will have access to the house and be able to load the loom on the 29th. @emsenn

Today's : Anodized aluminum in six brilliant colors, set on the bias in the Euro 4 into 1 weave, makes a bright statement. This is 1" wide and 14" in length, plus stainless steel safety chain and lobster claw. buff.ly/3uee5fR

Anyone in know anything about a vulnerability or problem with Tanium? Like why it might be accessing the Citrix reg key?

Today's : Glossy black anodized aluminum in 18 gauge 3/16" rings with 20 gauge 1/8" stainless steel form snowflakes in the Japanese hexagonal weave. Surgical steel French wires. buff.ly/3rLnBFB

Petco's data systems are offline company wide. No point of sale systems, no ordering, no nothing for the stores.

Today's : Anodized aluminum in gold, bronze, and green evokes the element of and the harvest rising from the soil. measures 20 inches, plus lobster claw and stainless steel safety chain. Cascade extends down 5 inches. buff.ly/2PmF2iN

Cargo van reserved. Schedule set up, delivery location and date confirmed. Awaiting confirmation of my vacation request and house access on the specific day for pickup. The loom rescue is going forward.

mh - 

Updated my WhereToFindMe wheretofind.me/@TarlimanJoppos I have a confession to make. I set up a Facebook Page for my stuff. I now have Buffer up and running, pounding the FB Page and Twitter every two hours 9a-9p for the next 7 days. Let us see what leveraging these tools based on frequency of interaction does for moving some inventory. I have debts to pay bound up with my PTSD stressors and need to resolve both of those.

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