The other place felt noisy, like the kind of conversation where I know my voice adds nothing even if it could rise above the din.

I write. Sometimes. I used to a lot more than I have now. Flavors of fiction like yogurt, from plain to whatever flavor would make fantasy/sci-fi/spec

I put up a short story series a few years back on Medium, might migrate them over to my own blog? Idk. Anyway. Hello!

@VapidAether Isn't is nice how much more soothing and calm this place is compared to the other spot? IT'S SO NICE.

I also did a lot more writing once upon a time than I have been recently, so I get it. Hope that you find a nice creative groove for yourself, however you go about it!

@sebastianmalloy thank you! And same to you—we deserve healthy habits & headspaces to put words on pages. Or if you need to broken & dispirited to be creative, plenty of gin.

@VapidAether Boy, sometimes the broken and dispirited angle works, but I MUCH prefer the healthier headspaces. Had too much time in the dark over the past few years to want to spend any more of my life down in it!

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