With various instances it can be hard to find new people on here, even if you hunt, so I think really works here, better than it did on the bird site. @FediFollows sometimes suggests them
But why not use the tag to tell us some people you like to follow.
Don't worry about missing people out. It's not about naming everyone. Just a couple a week

@Tattooed_mummy @FediFollows

Here are some I like to follow (there are _a lot_ more, but I don't want to overwhelm people😅).

They are all posting about software engineering related topics, but of course also about other topics (sorry for the generalization - in this case it helps, though):

@appelgriebsch @baldur

#FollowFriday #FollowRecommendation #FollowerTip

@Tattooed_mummy I also agree that @FediFollows is awesome for meeting new, interesting accounts. I am a nature lover, so these are my top three accounts:


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