Americans call kebabs gyros, which makes me think of giros, (the olden days name for unemployment cheques) and so it always amuses me.

@Tattooed_mummy Ah! Assumed we were the same age! I'm about 17 years younger!

@danjconn lol I thought so! Either that or you had a picture in the attic

@Tattooed_mummy Here in Australia, Gyros are the Greek version, with Kebabs being the Turkish version.

Slight differences in ingredients, but essentially a wrap with things in it.

@dadegroot I think gyros is a better name for the elephant leg sort (doner kebab) , shish kebabs are the only sort I like.

@dadegroot @Tattooed_mummy In #Melbourne, more commonly known as Souvlaki:…

I used to live and work in western #Sydney, and this kebab place is the absolute best:…

For the record, shredded cheddar cheese on a kebab is an abomination. If I ran a kebab shop (and I would not dare to dream such an audacious dream) I would expel any customer who asked for it. A customer who asked for barbecue sauce, I would shoot on the spot.
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