Quick thread of random questions. Don't think too hard just answer

Would you rather have a prehensile tail, or be able to see clearly in the dark?

Do you prefer ice cream or custard with apple crumble?

It's raining. Do you grab an umbrella?

you have to buy a suitcase. There are only 2 left in the shop and you have to choose one.

You are on a date you were invited to. It's time to pay, do you...

Best chips (French fries)

The WORST veg to have with a roast dinner.

you see a person drop a £5 do you... chase after them, call out to them, ignore it all, grab the cash

You accidentally step in dog poop. Which expletive are you most likely to use?

You have the power to bring one mythical creature into reality... Which do you pick?

Last for today. Shall we do this again? Maybe next Sunday

@Tattooed_mummy Unicorn.... the one with the least likelihood of trying to kill me.

@WainuiTrailerTrash you need to read about the dragons of Pern. You'd be more likely to vote dragon

@Tattooed_mummy Any of the above, more or less at random. Other possibilities include ‘wank’ and ‘arse’.

I'd call out.
If they looked like a rich fuck, I'd leave it at that. If I got the feeling that losing those five pounds might mean they'd have to skip a meal, I'd chase after them.

@Tattooed_mummy what do you consider the thicker, made-by-humans-and-still-hot chips like pringles? Not fries, right?

@Tattooed_mummy I'll go with skinny fries, then. Best surface area to potato ratio. Good for more salt.

@Tattooed_mummy this is what I was referring to, definitely not fries. But good if marinated in spice. (Image copied off internet.)

@tewha yeah I'd call them sautéed, or even just hot crisps!

@tewha apparently some people call them cottage fries! Which is cute

@Tattooed_mummy I think cottage fries are a heftier slice. These are almost as thin as, say, Lay's — hard to work at Lay's thickness if you're not a machine.

@Tattooed_mummy The dark area there is not really the edge, more a slight char on the cross-section.

@Tattooed_mummy I have talked about potatoes today way more than I planned to.

now I want some fresh potato chips or skinny fries.

@tewha @Tattooed_mummy I’m familiar with Pringles, but I don’t think I’ve ever come across those.

I think if it’s cooked to order and eaten hot it falls into the category of chips/fries and not crisps/chips.

@tewha @Tattooed_mummy Especially if it’s soft in the middle rather than crunchy.

@melivia @Tattooed_mummy I think they might be soft in the middle, but they’re so thin it really doesn’t matter.

@Tattooed_mummy Every couple of years, I buy an umbrella, carry it whenever it rains for the next few weeks, then lose it.

@Tattooed_mummy people might hate me for looking different, and the nightvision can be a secret.

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