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With various instances it can be hard to find new people on here, even if you hunt, so I think really works here, better than it did on the bird site. @FediFollows sometimes suggests them
But why not use the tag to tell us some people you like to follow.
Don't worry about missing people out. It's not about naming everyone. Just a couple a week

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Another instance, another ! I like I chat about things like
I like loads of music from to with in the mix too. I like , , and nice people. I collect porcelain and glass animals. I read and love Sir Terry Pratchett
I like and , especially , and and
I get angry about stuff

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Movie stupidity that annoys me. Number 1 in an infinite series.

Taking the bullet out means the person is OK. Its all about removing the bullet. As soon as it plinks into the kidney dish... "they're going to be OK"

So is there already a library list/group on the Fediverse? I feel like, if there isn't, there should be. Any other library workers out there?

#library #libraries

tests are showing dog levels at 60%

(60%) ■■■■■■□□□□

Brighton has paid tribute to the 'Oldest Gay in the Village’, George Montague.

The gay rights campaigner has been immortalised on a special bus - the & Hove Buses fleet number 919.

Known as a local legend, and self-proclaimed ‘the Oldest Gay in the Village’, George Montague passed away in March aged 98.

hands up if you just ate half a bar of Caramilk with your morning coffee? 🙋‍♀️

I have been bouncing around the #fediverse for about 6 months now until I finally decided to host my own instance. So I suppose it is time for an #introduction.

I'm Steve, the artist formally know as Bad_Advice_bear. I am a father, a partner, a massive nerd and a carpenter in that order.

I don't drink, or smoke and I have no religion so make of that as you will.

I have mainy, mainy interests but a few that I focus on the most are fitness, science (mainly physics), photography and computing.

My favourite flavour in Debian but I find myself with a lot of apple also.

I love photography, my speciality is landscapes. Mainly because I enjoy being outside and away from people.

That's a little bit of me.

Hi! 👋

Hi new Twitter people. I'm a Blind writer and reader that's almost never online these days but I talk a lot about publishing and accessibility stuff for Disabled people. I do a lot of mutual aid offline and listen to a lot of podcasts, fiction and nonfiction. #Twitter #Introduction #Accessibility #ReadingCommunity

If I ruled the world all toaster slots would be one inch deeper.

“John, 49, came out as bisexual just last year.” This will come as news to some of my family 😬

Also, click here to see what I look like:

HuffPost UK: Stop Questioning People's Invisible Illnesses – It's None Of Your Business.
Most commonly, this is when using an accessible toilet, priority seating on public transport or accessible parking for Blue Badge holders.

Three quarters of respondents have also experienced insensitive comments about their disability (76%), while 68% have been told “you don’t look disabled” in the past year.

medical. genitals. ouch 

Thailand: Man 'nearly lost his penis after it became stuck in metal ring'

the unnamed man from Thailand ended up in hospital because the ring cut off circulation to his shaft.

After leaving it on for four whole months, the pain became excruciating and he was forced to seek medical help.

What are the first signs of CMT ?

✅ Frequent steppage gait
✅ Clumsiness
✅ “Burning” sensations in the feet or hands
✅ Musculoskeletal pain / ankle sprains/fractures.
✅ Weakness of the feet and ankles.
✅ Abnormal sensation in the extremities
✅ Poor tolerance for cool or cold temperatures is typical and many people have chronically cold hands and feet.
✅ Additional symptoms may include fatigue, sleep apnea, breathing difficulties, and hearing loss.

Is There a Lighthearted Way to Talk About CMT?

"I’ve always felt that, in most circumstances, lengthy descriptions of CMT symptoms can be a bit of a downer. I don’t want to bog people down or make them feel bad. And I certainly don’t want pity."

Has anyone watched any good movies lately that are, non-violent, uplifting, fun, light-hearted or any combination of those?

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