🌞Daughter came to sunbathe in the garden
😪Only day of work this week, and it's over.
📺Watching Lucifer on TV for no reason

🎪Boomtown lineup is released and the fab Mr B from Brighton is playing!
🌄Nice long walk with the dogs.
🍚Lunchtime risotto.

🏡💤Bonus garden snooze

Watched Doctor Strange into the multiverse last night. Its better than the first one imo.

💌 we met the postman while out walking and he had a box of dog treats so finally Ted thinks maybe they can be friends.
😪💤snoozed in the garden
☎️chatted to my mum on the phone

A secret.
Cats, unless dramatically different colours, all look the same to me. Show me two ginger cats I cannot tell them apart.
Two border terriers on the other hand, totally different.

Runner finishes last in 400m race as penis flops out of shorts 'after decision to go commando'.

An Italian runner came last in his 400m race at the 2022 World Athletics U20 Championships recently - after having to run with his penis flopping out of his baggy shorts, having opted to ditch the underwear.

Decathlete Alberto Nonino started off well and even managed to race past two competitors... But then... 🍆


🍔🍟 Wimpy take out

💃It's Friday

🐰 Packing and planning for festival

Changing the first letter of common names to make magical mysterious fantasy names:


: Notorious DK Oyster Bar Ruins Canadian Couple's Honeymoon After Charging $410 For One Beer

The restaurant was fined €31,000 ($31,700) in July by the Ministry of Tourism after an investigation of their books revealed ‘seven or eight violations’, the Greek City Times report.


Pony banned from pub will stay on as mayor.

The honorary mayor of a town in Devon has remained defiant after being banned from his local pub.

Council bosses have barred beer-loving Patrick the Pony from The Drum Inn, in Cockington, where he was often seen knocking back pints of Guinness.

Officials told the pub it needed planning permission to let the four-year-old roam in the garden which needed to be changed to official grazing land.


@Tattooed_mummy@wandering.shop I'm possibly the least fit or adventurous person you could find. I'm thinking of it more as a challenge. On hard mode.


🦋Saw lovely daughter as she came to get her rucksack to pack for next week's festival

🐡Pretty good day at work

🌯Delicious wrap for tea made with vegan 'chicken' stripes in southern style coating, lettuce and mayo.

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