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Is there yet a movement where artists and creators make a testament that after their death all their work becomes public domain? Ie. an explicit middle ground between default copyright period and immediate PD at the time of publication?

I'd be interested in developing and advocating this kind of movement to widen the common public cultural legacy. But I guess some sort of legal expertise would be good to have. And if this is already a thing, then great, I'll join!

I just submitted novel 2 of my trilogy to my publisher. Let's see what they think of it.

So here it is, the trailer to my first novel and world's first novel.

The texts are in Finnish, as the book is in Finnish, but I guess you can still enjoy the imagery and music.


peertube.mastodon.host it is, at this time, to start using peertube

Now, time to pick a instance to upload my book trailer.

Ah, the joys of commuter trains at night. It smells like beer, but hey, could be piss too.

Long train trips are nice. Except when they're six hours there and six back on a single day without pause.

And now, to close the night, Angus & Julia Stone play their amazing cover of Tubthumping.


7 of the 24 chapters still to edit. After that a little bit of tidying and such, and this novel is ready to submit.

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Finally I've seen the first of Finland myself.

Now if only there were any fietsers, too...

It's time to make the last edits before sending my novel to DTP.

Of course this is a prime spot to procrastinate, because, you know.

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Did you know that "jorts" and "Internet Of Things" were added to the Oxford Dictionary at the same time?


It's only a matter of time until they are combined and we will all have to clean malware out of our jorts.

Kun kustantaja oman puljunsa kirjoja luki.

Lyhyitä arvioita Osuuskumman kirjoista.


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Instagramin korvaaja, @pixelfed julkaistaan betana tämän kuun lopussa. Varasin tulevaisuutta varten osoitteen pixelfed.fi. Toistaiseksi se osoittaa suomenkieliseen versioon pixelfed.org-osoitteesta, mutta ehdin toivottavasti jossain vaiheessa asentamaan testipalvelimen tuohon osoitteeseen.

Today I learned that you can

- have both local and fedetared timelines visible at the same time
- move the said timelines away from the rightmost columns

by pinning them.

And this after using Mastodon for more than a year. 🙄

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We're talking about cars that look like food at work, and I've found some real gems today.

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Speaking of Tooting, perhaps some people on here aren't aware of the Tooting Popular Front?

My face when I've again finished a first draft of a novel manuscript and uploaded it to my writing group peers.

This time just 17410 words (in Finnish), so we'll see if I must write more stuff in it or if this is enough for this plot.