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Is there yet a movement where artists and creators make a testament that after their death all their work becomes public domain? Ie. an explicit middle ground between default copyright period and immediate PD at the time of publication?

I'd be interested in developing and advocating this kind of movement to widen the common public cultural legacy. But I guess some sort of legal expertise would be good to have. And if this is already a thing, then great, I'll join!

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Submission lenght limit is 3000 words. I now have 3185 words, and this is pretty skimmed already. Argh.


I've been on Twatter for 5 years now, and I've tweeted 2,002 times.

I've been on Mastodon for a bit less than 1.5 years now, and I've tooted about 1,500 times (total from several instances).

Thus on average I seem to be about 2.5 times more active here than on Twatter.

And needless to say, the interactions here are of x times higher quality.

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autumn has come
as i go
between falling leaves

Oh dear, did I really deserve Mambo No. 5 playing in my head tonight?

Mikä on kapinallisin polkupyörämuistosi? Kerro se häsällä !

Kaikkien Twitterissä ja Mastodonissa 2.9.2018 mennessä osallistuneiden kesken arvotaan 2 kpl Taru Luojolan romaania Ei kaikki pinnat kireällä.

How is it possible that the % character got adopted as the "negative hashtag" (which as a concept is also a bit unclear to me)? I mean, it's the PROcent character, not any kind of CON character.

Clearly the person first suggesting it wasn't a linguist.

Ahh, syksyn ensimmäinen omenantuoksu! 🍎 🍏 💚

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I am uncomfortable with my partner's insistence that Christmas presents be surprises.

I hate lying, I hate keeping secrets, and I'm really not a fan of even pleasant surprises. I want to know what to expect so I can prepare myself.

Also, telling people what you're going to buy them spares them the trouble of buying it themselves and you the embarrassment of giving them something they already have.

Why do you of all people cling to a tradition that's bad for both of our mental healths?

A question for native English speakers!

If, for humorous effect, a pineapple is called 'ananas' in English fiction, would you find it OK and get the humorous intent, or would you just find it weird and a little off?

Se tunne kun ensimmäistä kertaa pitää esikoisromaania kädessään.


Esikoisromaanini on täällä. Nopeimmille saatavilla Ropeconista.

My first novel is here!

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... Aaand another short story taking place in Bataranam has been written.

In my dream the word PINEAPPLE 🍍was used colloquially as a general word for currency (ie instead of euro, dollar, credit etc.).

That's a dream to live by.

It may have been a hot summer day today. But I only got a glimpse of it during a trains transfer.

Julkinen kirjailijanurani alkoi tavallaan kymmenen vuotta sitten — pornolla. Saanko esitellä Posliinimestarin:


Kuulin, että Tampereen kansi ja areena -kaupunginosalle etsitään uutta nimeä.

Me sitten kirjoittajakollegojen kanssa tätä vähän stormattiin ja päädyttiin siihen, että paras nimi uudelle kaupunginosalle on:

Se yhdistää busineksen ja Näsijärven kansan suuhun sopivalla tavalla.

Kampanjointi alkakoon.