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My least favourite genre:

All sex scenes are told with esoteric euphemisms and by hinting instead of direct action — except that one scene which is a violent and bloody rape, perhaps of a child, written from the victim's POV, and for some reason every gory detail must be smeared against the reader's face.

Writers, please, DON'T DO THIS!

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Elsewhere someone was jokingly complaining about how their spouse buys the WRONG brand of some food product and how it's about time to get divorce now.

But this makes me thinking, how mind-blowing it, generally speaking, is to have more than one brand of certain products in the fridge at the same time?

I mean, this kind of crisis is easily solved by both eating their favored brand, right?

Or is this really about how some people like to argue and don't want to have a solution?

Oh yeah, I got courage to finally read my editors' comments. And they weren't that bad! To think that this is the first editorial round, it's about surprisingly small details.

So next week I'll be editing.

Historical gay erotica, set in ancient Rome: Brute

Eight hours of novel camping after less than three hours of sleep. A few liters of coffee and tea to get through it.

Yes, I'd say I'm a bit tired tonight.

Argh, my insurance company hasn't send me this month's invoice of my obligatory pension insurance. Now that I log in on their web service I find out that they have been merged with another company. OK, credentials work normally, but they list no insurance for me. What the fuck?!

And because it's already 16.53 here, I can't call them today any more and must wait until Monday to get this sorted out. And now I'm too annoyed to start today's work.

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So, today I wrote the last chapter of the story of an autistic gravedigger in a WWII war hero graveyard.

This is merely a 13.7k story, but it'll be a part of an earlier written 36k word story. So next I will be combining these two manuscripts into a whole — and voilà, the upgraded novel will be ready for my commentators.

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There is a chilli emojo

Let's use that to code how hot our takes are

🌶: mild take
🌶🌶: bit of a hot take
🌶🌶🌶: hot take
🌶🌶🌶🌶: really hot take

Now that everyone's mourning over Le Guin, I'd like to ask your thoughts about a thing that's been on my mind.

So far I've only read the Wizard of Earthsea from Le Guin. In that book the idea of immutable 'true name' is presented as something really powerful.

For me this just sounds like deadnaming and biological essentialism. Yet nobody seems to raise this point.

Is this just a single misstep on an otherwise good agenda, or is there really a way to explain this 'true name' thing positively?

Oh yes! I thought this would be a null day, because I couldn't sleep well enough last night and I've been so tired.

But no! I wrote 1193 words today, and now I've written 8 of the 13 chapters for this character. Thus I've reached the Golden Ratio.

Now I only have five chapters left to write before the end of January.

- I wrote 2222 words.
- I sent two grant applications (my first ever grant applications for writing fiction).

Not that bad for a day.

Today's late stage capitalism: I found out that the TLD .vanguard is a brand TLD reserved for an investment management company.

I mean, fuck this shit, I WANT MY .VANGUARD DOMAIN TODAY! And I solemnly swear to use it for post-capitalist purposes.


First 1041 words written today. A second set due later today.

I'm intrigued by . But still, it feels a bit too unidirectional (or perhaps I'm too novice to see how to use it properly).

Perhaps I should instead go down the road. That's more familiar to me anyway, I was a sysop of my own BBS back in the 90s.

Of course the feeling of dialup and small screen is hard to replicate on modern hardware, but perhaps that could be a good way to build a community.

Hey Shop & the fediverse! You probably know this picture with famous female SFF authors, composed as a 'diverse' response to the all-but-one-male version of the same picture?

Well guess what. All but one of these authors are born in the USA.* All of these authors write in English.

Internet, you can do better.


(* If Goodreads data is reliable.)

OMG! Just look at these pictures (on twatter) twitter.com/arjandenboer/statu

So, there's a cloister for sale in the Netherlands, and the library there is just amazing!

That would be an unbelievable place to found an international writer residence. So, how about a Kickstarter project, anyone? 🤡

(Also, the six remaining Fathers and the church should stay, says the article nos.nl/artikel/2211079-te-koop. But that'd do.)

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[97] During the Hydrocarbon Era (ca 1790-2040 CE), humans loved burning so much, they would ritually inhale smoke. - A brief history of Earth, 2357 CE

//We are approaching the end of the fossil-fuel-burning era, coincidentally at the same time tobacco smoking is declining in many parts of the world. Will future historians make a distinction between these two habits? Story by

I snipped this image from twatter, it says ”Top 10 Lit Fic authors in 2017”.

The point here is, what exactly is the supposed stigma on publishing with a female name? Top 5 sellers are all female names, and as I've understood Elena Ferrante is actually a man with a female pen name.

Ok, this is LIT FIC so I guess the most genrey stuff is not included. Is the stigma stronger in genre fic then? How market and culture dependent the stigma is? Is there a stigma after all?