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Is there yet a movement where artists and creators make a testament that after their death all their work becomes public domain? Ie. an explicit middle ground between default copyright period and immediate PD at the time of publication?

I'd be interested in developing and advocating this kind of movement to widen the common public cultural legacy. But I guess some sort of legal expertise would be good to have. And if this is already a thing, then great, I'll join!

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Daily reminder that the time to build a FOSS Discord replica is now.

Marvel: 'Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history.'


I just composed a webform with Framaforms. The UI is in French. I actually can't French. I succeeded anyway. Feels good!

Today my took me to a swimming hall. It's been nearly two years since I swam last time. Well, I wasn't very fit for swimming, so after just 100 meters I switched to water running.

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You asked for it: github.com/halcy/Mastodon-LaTe Here's a mastodon LaTeX client! Screenshots of example output attached!

Ah, FINALLY I can start hypeing about my first and its amazing cover art!

But anyway, the is in , so:

Esikoisromaanini Ei kaikki pinnat kireällä ilmestyy elokuussa, ja näin upean kansikuvan siihen on taiteillut muuan Julia Lintulaakso.

Genreinä ja poliittinen satiiri. Kustantajana

As I fietsed to grab my Dutch books from post office, I spotted this basic setting:

For no apparent reason parking bikes is forbidden next to this wall, which is under a balcony (thus rain protected) and unusable for any other purpose and there are even no shop windows that could be blocked... So I guess the property management just dislikes bikes there.

Luckily someone just ignored the signs.

Kas niin, nyt on luettu kaikki Matthew Shardlake -dekkarit. Ihan kelpo kirjoja, jos haluaa lukea historiallista dekkaria.

Kuudennen osan lopusta päättelen, että sarja ei enää jatku, mutta senhän näyttää vain aika.


Toimituskommentit olivatkin suht kepoisesta päästä jo tällä kierroksella. Ei niiden perkamiseen ja toteuttamiseen mennyt kuin yksi päivä. Seuraavaksi pitäisi jaksaa taas kerran lukea koko teksti alusta loppuun, hohhoijaa.

Katalogia taasen ei ole vieläkään julkaistu. Noh, ehkä vielä jonakin päivänä...

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For any #booklovers in the #UK, there's an ethical alternative to #Amazon called #Hive, which lets you buy #books online via independent #bookshops. You can have the book delivered to your door, or pick it up from a local #bookshop.

You can also "adopt" a #bookstore of your choice so they receive a percentage of everything you buy.

Hive also stock #DVDs and #Blurays, #audiobooks and #ebooks.

I've used them before without any problems, can recommend them:


I just baked some seitan for snacks, and now my hands are aching.

Hmm I meant Privacy Policy, not CoC

Ok so, I was happily translating the . Nice and easy segments.

Then the CoC segment, wtf?! 753 words in one single segment!

This is the most absurd thing I've encountered so far in my 10 years as a professional translator. This is not how translation tools are supposed to be used...

Ik heb juist 11 nederlandstalige boeken bestellen, jei!

It's getting harder to find any new places to bike around here, since I've already been almost everywhere that is within feasible reach (= easy to go to without prior preparations).

But today I got a bit longer away and found this graveyard of old gas station pylons. There are also Shell pylons, in the right of the pic. Couldn't get any more pics, because the phone battery drained just after this one.

Painopiste takaisin blogiin ja RSS-syötteisiin. Jatkossa julkaisen kaikki kirja-arvioni sekä blogissa että Goodreadsissa.

Tänään vuorossa Alan Bradley: Kolmasti naukui kirjava kissa.


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Se on täytetty! -lukuhaaste nimittäin. Ylitarulimaisilla henkisillä voimillani sinnittelin läpi kolmentoista ennakkoluuloja herättävän kirjan — ja kuin ihmeen kaupalla selvisin hengissä raportoimaan blogiin uroteostani. Kas tässä arviot kaikista lukemistani perkeistä.


Kokonaisuudessaan kyllä melkoisia tuuttauksia onnistuin valitsemaan, sillä tähdityksen keskiarvo 2,3 on jopa minulta poikkeuksellisen matala.