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Steven Saus [he/him]

Most common complaint I see about switching social media outlets: "I don't know anyone there."

...that's a positive, in my book. New friends + old friends as soon as they realize that they DO know someone on the platform and join! There are perks to being a pioneer!

"We learn that tests and deadlines are the reasons to take action. This puts those with good short-term memories and a positive response to pressure in leadership positions, leading to urgency-based thinking..." - adrienne maree brown

I'm happy to see all the new users but all of them are directly going towards and that weakens federation a lot

In English the Human is Man, right?

But in Swedish, Människan (the Human Being) is referred to as Her. Always.

And I love it. <3

Common wisdom where I come from is to use plugins because "Why reinvent the wheel?"

Well, because the wheel is poorly made and doesn't parse properly and has made it damn near impossible to reuse, let alone how it eats up data like nobody's business or how it causes long load times that actively push users away.

reminder: you can use baguette emoji as path separators

I'm trying out hosting my own (personal) instance for while I try out things, so if you're seeing follow requests from @StevenSaus that is also me.

(reposting my comment from another thread)

I'm always amazed at how many right-wing folks who love "the market" don't understand it.

"The dating marketplace has rejected my product. Do I a) improve my product, or b) demand government intervention to support sales of my product?"

If _I_ can improve my product enough to find someone, anyone can. Those who live by the market, die by the market.

To be specific, they die alone.

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